Living Gluten-free means taking a diet free from the protein gluten. Gluten is responsible for triggering the immune response that damages the lining of the small intestines.

Gluten is mainly found in grains the likes of wheat, barley and many more. This calls for a safe and reliable method when choosing food staffs. Here is where applications come in handy.


Technology made everything a piece of cake, from the woodwork, the survey to the simples of them all live chats. Today smartphone usage has increased tremendously with more mobile apps created to benefit the user. Like so many other things healthy lifestyles also have apps created ​to get started with cooking, which we are going to share as you follow through.

A number of apps have been crafted like these my ​kitchen cheat sheets for this type of living some of them going at for less than ten dollars while others are amazingly free. These Apps assists the client in finding restaurants that serve allergy-free foods both locally and internationally.

Apart from the restaurants they also offer a guide for grocery shopping for healthy products and ingredients not forgetting teaching the user to read labels.

Toby Amidor (founder of Toby Amidor Nutrition) claims that technology is a true time saver and gets you exactly what you require. But which Apps should you be looking for?

In a world full of developers it is hard to find a legit application that will ensure that you get the best services. However, there are applications that will leave you mesmerized once you download and catch a glimpse of what they have to offer.

Let have a look at some of the lucrative apps that will keep you gluten-free?

10 Apps to Keep You Gluten-Free

1. Find Me Gluten Free

The application is compatible with both iPhone and Android systems. If you are a businessman or always on road then this should be among your best companions. There are a number of advantages that come from having the application which includes; healthy recipes, getting directions, call the restaurants right from the application and reading of reviews.

In addition to all this the Find Me Gluten free app is free.

Download Android App | Download Iphone App

2. Shop Well Healthy Diet and Grocery Food scanner

Among the most promising application that can help you lead a healthy life is Shop Well Healthy Diet and Grocery Food Scanner. The app is compatible with both Android and IOS making it available to most of the users all over the world.

It works by allowing you to scan barcodes and find out whether a product contains gluten when the product contains gluten, it provides you with other alternatives.

Best for busy moms, students, and most home cooks.

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3. Delight Gluten - Free Magazine

From the Delight Gluten-Free Magazine, You have access to all the Kitchen ingredient you and you ready about the best gluten-free food staffs. You also have access to Cooking Tips, news and many more.

The application is available for iPhone, Android and Nook, and its suitable for everyone.

Download Android App | Download Iphone App

4. Allergy Eats Mobile

The application is available for both Android and iPhone users. It gives you a chance to choose and find a suitable restaurant serving allergy free food staffs. It also provides you with directions to suitable locations and browses peer-based feedback.

This application is suitable for individuals who love dining out, also for people with food allergies.

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5. Cook it Allergy Free

Cook It Allergy Free is one of the most promising applications that can aid in your quest to live a healthy lifestyle. It only available for IOS devices but very resourceful when looking for gluten-free recipes. It helps you customize recipes to meet your allergy needs.

Download IOs App | Detail On App

6. Gluten - Free Registry

Compatible with both iPhone, Andriod. The application is one resourceful source of gluten-free places. Equipped with over 34,000 sources including restaurants, bakeries, caterers and many more, This application gives you an added advantage.

Download for IOS:
Download for Android:

7. Gluten Free Ultimate Solution

One way to find thousands of restaurants is by using the Gluten-free Ultimate Solution app. It provides you with the location of various restaurants and recipes as well. Ensuring that you stay healthy even when traveling.

Most reliable application for traveling and visiting new places.

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8. Is That Gluten Free?

This iPhone app contains a database of up to 22,000 gluten-free products with more than 500 brands to exploit. This is why it is the best application for shopping gluten-free food staffs. The users have access to search the products it brand and category.

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9. Gluten -Free Resturant items

Ranked as the topmost reliable Gluten free app. This application is the best you can get your hands on to lead a healthy life. It helps users find restaurants with 30 miles of their location providing the menu of the gluten-free food staffs.

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10. Now Find Gluten Free

For safe and healthy travel you will have to consider getting this amazing application. It contains all the amazing precaution to ensure you have a gluten free experience from the airline to the hotel. Keeping you safe in the process.

It is most suitable for traveling businessmen and road warriors.

Make the best of technology, why go through all the trouble of searching for gluten-free food staff when your smartphone can do it for you. Technology saves you all the trouble.

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