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Gluten-free diets should be your choice. Know about gluten-free diet during pregnancy is one of the things you need to do when you’re ready to have a baby.

According to Parenting Weekly, Pregnancy is a miracle in this world, you are about to bring a beautiful baby to this world. During pregnancy, a strict examination of what the mothers eats is extremely important, because Healthy Food is the most essential factor affecting the health of both mother and child.

Creating a consistent and nutritious diet is important when you are pregnant. Know about Gluten-free diet during pregnancy is one of the things you need to do when you’re ready to have a baby.

The gluten-free diet has not been given much attention from Vietnamese parents and many people do not know its great benefits. But once you’ve learned and understood it, this will be one of the thing that help protect your baby’s health from being born in the womb.

This article will provide insights on a gluten-free diet: What is the gluten and gluten-free diet during pregnancy.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a family of proteins found in whole cereals such as wheat, rye, spelled wheat and barley. The two main proteins in gluten are glutenin and gliadine. In particular, Gliadine is responsible for causing most of the harmful effects on health. According to the famous British medical journal, high gluten intake is a cause of serious illnesses like intestinal and neurological diseases.

Many studies indicate that, during pregnancy, if a mother eats more food containing gluten, it will affect the health of the baby after birth. Their babies are more likely to have diabetes than those whose mothers do a gluten-free diet during pregnancy. Therefore, mothers should choose gluten-free food to protect the health of their children. A gluten-free diet should be the priority of a smart mother.

How is a Gluten-free Diet?

This is a diet that requires you to understand the ingredients in food and its nutrition. It is a healthy diet which helps ensure the health of both mother and baby.

In a gluten-free diet, the first thing a mother should pay attention to is that of wheat and barley. Oats should be considered carefully, even when they don’t contain gluten. Howver, they can be easily contaminated during processing.

Nowadays, gluten-free food is more preferred, for example, healthy starches like brown rice, quinoa, or nuts. These will not only bring high nutritional content but also affect the improvement of mother’s body. These are called good starches.

It is important to start eating gluten-free diet during pregnancy instead of wheat or barley. The mother should add starch, yam tubers or grains that have nutrition like quinoa. This requires the mother to be serious about following her diet.

A special feature of this diet is that it is suitable for everyone, mothers who are breastfeeding can also use this menu daily. Pursuing a gluten-free diet is gaining popularity, especially among young mothers.


A gluten-free diet during pregnancy is quite difficult for the mother in the beginning. But when you get used to eating gluten-free food, you’ll love this. This is a diet that can helps improve your child’s health and get the mother a leaner body. So what is the reason for you to refuse this diet? If you have any experience of eating healthy food during pregnancy, leave a comment below, and do not forget to catch up on our next article.

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