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How to Organize Food in The Refrigerator (Infographic)

If you want to have a neat and well-organized kitchen generally, you need to be efficient primarily in organizing the food you keep in your refrigerator.

Apparently, there is no specific rules or guidelines you need to follow when it comes to food organization. It will largely and significantly dependent on different factors. These factors usually include the design and interface of your refrigerator and the regular foods you store in your kitchen.

Nevertheless, it is important for you to know the most advisable and recommendable ways and tips you could apply in organizing food.


How To Organize Food In The Refrigerator (Infographic)

How To Organize Food In The Refrigerator (Infographic)

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Tip #1: Always Clean Your Fridge

young woman clean the fridge

Clean the Fridge

Cleanliness is largely important if you want to have a nice and user-friendly kitchen. Moreover, cleanliness is very much necessary in this matter since the subject of this case is food.

Thus, safety is largely an issue.Now, it is essential for you to keep in mind that cleaning your fridge must be a habit. When you have a clean refrigerator or fridge, it will be much easier for you to organize everything in your fridge and kitchen.

Tip #2: Smelly-Melly

Smelly Food in The Fridge

Smelly Food in The Fridge

The odor and scent that you have in your kitchen and fridge is largely related to the cleanliness and orderliness of your kitchen in totality. When you notice something that is quite unpleasant to smell, you’ll know for sure that there is something you must clean.This is very much important as well.

The smell and odor can largely affect not only the appearance and quality of everything inside your kitchen, but also it could negatively affect the food and things you store.

Hence, it is essential for you to keep your kitchen pleasant and tame to smell.

Tip #3: Panic Buying Is A Big No-No

Husband Is Panic Shopping

Although purchasing and buying wholesale items especially food can be a bit cost efficient as it may appear, it could actually result to many negative effects in your daily living.

One apparent reason for this is that when you buy excess items and foods for the purpose of stocking and storing, there are cases that these will only result to spoilage.

Panic buying may seemingly appear to be appealing and convenient.

In actuality, this is a huge no-no when you are trying to have a pleasant and well-engineered kitchen in your home.Therefore, it is important for you to buy only what you need for the next few days.

Tip #4: A Big Yes To The Two-Hour Rule

In the recent times, only a few could understand the two-hour rule. By and large, the two-hour rule is significantly related to food storage and consumption.

In keeping your kitchen clean, safe, and organize – you have to very well apply this rule on your end on a daily basis.

For instance, when you purchase foods such as cooked meals with meats, veggies, or even fruits, you have to finish them within two hours.When you are to store these foods in your refrigerator, the food-poison bacteria is apparently nurturing for a matter of time.

When you consume these foods after storing them for two hours or more, the risk of having diseases and unwanted bacteria is largely present.

2 hours rule

2 hours rule

Tip #5: Leftovers and Ready-To-Eat Foods Must Be In The Upper Shelf

Leftovers in the fridge

Leftovers in the fridge

In organizing your foods inside your refrigerator, leftovers and ready-to-eat meals must be placed in the uppermost part. Since this section is the most accessible part, it is logical for you to place these kinds of meals in this section.

Ready-to-eat meals such as yogurts, canned goods, packed meals, and the like are the usual foods that must be seen in the upper section of your refrigerator alongside the leftovers.

Tip #6: Lower Shelves Are For Fresh Goods

Fresh Meats

Fresh Meats

Fresh goods such as meats, seafoods, and other fresh ingredients for different fishes are recommendable to be placed in the lower section of your refrigerator. Aside from the fact that this section is one of the coldest parts of your refrigerator, you are not always in your fridge to get along with these kinds of foods.

In addition, you are allowing to preserve more these foods when you place them on the lower shelves.

Tip #7: Drawers Are For Segregation

In keeping your refrigerator clean, organized, and systematic, segregation of foods must be observed. You have to note that fruits and vegetables must be separated from meats and other goods.

Hence, this is a main and sole purpose of the crisp drawers of your refrigerator.

Tip #8: Door is Drinks, Bottles, and Condiments

So, where to put the beverages and bottles?

The only place where these goods are advisable to be places is at the door of your fridge. Bottled goods such as drinks, juices, water, and condiments are the usual things you could see on neat and well-organized kitchens.

Aside from the purpose of separating them from the raw and fresh goods, you are actually keeping your foods, utensils, tools, and other things neat and safe.

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