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Fennel It Is: All About Fennels And Fennel Seed Substitute

All out of people don't have any idea what fennels are so they don't know how versatile and healthy they are.

It is such a shame that not a lot of people know about this but they are actually pretty good especially if you love celery but unfortunately not everyone has access to it so in this article we won’t just talk about fennels but also it's alternatives.



All About: Fennel Via collabkitchen

  • Fennels are one of the only known foods in the world that have edible seeds, buds, and pollens
  • The fennel bulb resembles the look of the onion and celery mixed together
  • The flavor fennel has is like anise and it smells so good like a unique perfume
  • It is also known as Fennel, Sweet Fennel, Wild Fennel
  • Fennels are considered to be a type of herb that has yellowish flowers with feathery leaves that goes with it and grows wildly in some parts of Europe but is also found in some parts of the Mediterranean shores.
  • It commonly grows in many parts of the world not just in Europe and Mediterranean but only to places where the soils are dry near the sea-coasts and river-banks
  • It is most commonly used either as a herb or as a vegetable
  • The fruits of fennels are commonly known as seeds because of its medicinal use


Fennel History Via indepthinfo

The original name given to fennel was Foeniculum which is given by the Romans based from the Latin word forum which means hay.

This happened during the Middle Ages which then turned into Fenkel which is now the alternative popular name.

Fennel is such a beautiful plant that has thick stout stems with about 5 feet cylindrical branch bearing leaves. It also has a wonderful golden flower.

It also loves the sun so it grows during April and can adapt to sunny and dry situations.


Fennels Salad

Fennels can be used in a lot of different ways. When it is fresh and raw it has the cold and crispy kind of texture so it is best to slice the bulbs into salads.

11 Best Fennel Salads Via foodandwine

Grilled Fennel

What is also great about fennels is that they are really good and can be eaten on their own especially when it is sautéed and grilled.


How to Grill Fennel : BBQ Grilling Tips Via cookingguide

Caramelized Fennel

You can also caramelize fennels and they will taste like your favorite licorice candy

Caramelized Fennel: The Best Fennel You’ll Ever Eat Via putneyfarm

Caramelized Fennel Via Tasting Table

Fennel Stalks & Fronds

The leaves of the fennel can be used for many dishes when you chop it into pieces. It works best if you add it to your dishes during Spring or simply adding it as a garnish.

Top 5 Ways to Use Fennel Stalks & Fronds Via thekitchn

Fennel sausages

The fennel seeds, on the other hand, is mostly used in Italy as their premium spice for their special sausages. It is also commonly used in the Middle East

Fennel sausages braised with lemony potatoes and bay leaves Via bbc

Fennel Pollen

When it comes to fine dining, fennel pollen is the one being used most of the time because it is extremely hard to find and is very concentrated with the anise aroma flavor

Fennel Pollen Via indiaphile

Fennel cream

Although you can easily access this if you really are into fennels and you can simply mix it into some cream

Fennel pollen cream Via greatbritishchefs

Italian FENNEL IN CREAM recipe Via CookinginRussia

Fennel: the Licorice Onion

Fennels tend to be sweet so if you don't like licorice you might want to stay away from fennels

Fennel: the Licorice Onion Via dietitianontherun

Remember what celery stalks look like? Well, the stalks of a fennel resemble that with its crunchiness and texture

Stir Fry Fennel

You can also stir fry fennel stalks just like any other vegetables

Quick Celery-Fennel Stir Fry with Cashews Via josiesorganics

Asian Stir-Fry With Fennel & Bok Choy : Vegan & Healthy Recipes Via cookingguide

Salmon with Fennel

Fennel is also great to be paired with salmon

Salmon with Fennel Via marthastewart

Fennel Smoked Salmon - Hot-Smoked Salmon Recipe with Fennel and Tomatoes Via Food Wishes

Fennel with Avocados and Oranges

You can also try combining fennel with avocados and oranges to achieve a really great salad


Save the Kales! - Winter Orange Fennel Salad with Avocado (Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free) Via Jaime K

  • DID YOU KNOW: When buying fennels at the stores, you must check if the bulbs are clean, firm and solid. If not and instead you find spotting and bruising, then it is no longer fresh.



Anise is probably the best substitute for FENNEL if you are going to be using it as a herb which also has a licorice kind of flavor that goes with it.

17 Amazing Benefits Of Anise Seed For Skin, Hair, And Health Via stylecraze



Like I said above, it resembles celery stalks so you can definitely use this as a substitute for fennels if you are going to use it as a vegetable and celery also takes less time to cook compared to fennels.

Fennel Seeds

But if you are only going for the taste of the fennel vegetables, you may use the fennel seeds instead

Fennel Seeds Via stylecraze

Fennel Seeds Water for Weight loss Fast/ Saunf Water Via ABagOfBeauty

Onion and Celery

You can also try combining onion and celery but only if you are NOT using FENNEL for a main dish

Bamboo Shoots

Celery and Onions Via ladycarehealth

Bamboo Shoots Via organicfacts

Since fennels are sweet, you can substitute bamboo shoots if you prefer it to be not as sweet but it doesn't guarantee to have all the same flavor fennel can give to your dish


For Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women - it's best to avoid fennels when you are pregnant or if you cannot help it just don't have too much.

And if you are breastfeeding, it is highly advisable not to have some since there are two cases of infants have problems with their nervous system after the breastfeeding mothers drank some tea with fennels on it.

For children – There was a research conducted where it is found that a combination product for colic that has fennels with lemon balm and chamomile is not healthy for children but there has been no proof of this.

Allergic reaction – if you are allergic to celery and carrots, it is best to avoid fennels as well since it contains mostly everything that as celery has.

Hormones – FENNEL can act as an estrogen so if you have any condition that can worsen because of estrogen. It is advisable to avoid fennel.

Fennel: Health Benefits and Dietary Tips Via medic​​​​alnewstoday



VITAMIN C = 10.44mg

FIBER = 2.70g


CALCIUM = 42.63mg

IRON = 0.64mg

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