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Quick Easy Cook’s Top Food and Cooking Blogs To Follow

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There are a lot of Blog Sites about food out there, and it could take you eons to figure out what suits your cravings. But don’t worry, we have compiled the best and most delicious food sites out there, with short and concise descriptions so you can pick and select your preference of satisfaction.

Below is the list of the tastiest websites that you can follow. Most of them provide step by step instructions or tutorials on all kinds of healthy recipes, from breakfast, appetizer, brunch, dinner, dessert and anything in between. From online Ingredients, cooking tips , techniques, infographics , we’ve got it all here for you!


Top Food Blogs
Top Food and Cooking Blogs To Follow

Food 52 is a site where cooks from all around the world converge and exchange recipes and experiences through written articles. Yes, you read it right, the site does not only collect recipes, ingredients, or the ‘how to’ on cook your food, but also the experience, the story on the creative process that has transpired on cooking the food.

The site also provides contests once a quarter for cooks around the world, where winners can get prizes or get featured on their future books or apps.

SimplyRecipes is a site of a massive collection of reliable recipes from all kinds of foods. I say reliable because all of the recipes are tried and tested by the home-based company that is on the site. The recipes are from old family recipes and from 30-year collection of news clippings, cookbooks, and magazines. Lists of foods that is based on the special diet, ingredient, course, season or type are all found here!

Pinch of Yum is a site of a food blogger named Lindsay, a school teacher by day and a cook at night. In this site, she shares her tasty selection of delicious food from breakfast to dinner.

What is unique about this site is that Lindsay also shares her experiences as the food blogger and gives tips on how to develop your own food blog. From the tools, photography, and up to maintaining the blog and how to make money from it.

Smitten Kitchen is one of the most recognized food sites out there, as cited from their page are all of the awards and recognition they received from magazines, media sites and even from the New York Times. The site is known for their delicious collection of recipes and the concise instructions on how to cook them, coupled with the seemingly gorgeous photography of the food along the way.

Chocolate and Zucchini


If you have an idea of cooking French food, then Chocolate and Zucchini is the site for you. The site offers French food recipes and how to cook it which can be sorted by Category, Ingredient or for the particular season. The blog site is one of the first generation of food blogs, owned by an award winning French food writer Clotilde Dusoulier.

Damn Delicious is one of those food sites that offers practical and easy dishes. They provide quick to cook foods that can be made in 30 minutes or less for a busy work day.

The also site prides itself on using very simple ingredients in making a delicious but also elegant looking food. Another feature of this site is that it has a Youtube Channel, wherein you can watch and imitate on how to cook the food.

This site as you guessed, is owned by David Lebovitz. He trained to become a chef from several parts of Europe, and has gained work experience not only in Europe but in America as well; he is also an author of several cooking books. With this credentials, we can safely assume that David offers us top-class recipes, tips, and instructions on how and what to cook. His site specializes on food that is found in Paris!

Cooking Classy is a blog site that offers a personal selection of food by the author. As a preference of the author and the cook, the site provides recipes for Italian and Mexican food.

As well as Pizzas and enchiladas, anything that is loaded with cheese and meat, and sweets like caramel chocolate and butter. The site also prides itself on bringing a little fancy to your dishes, making it look more aesthetic. It also has a Youtube channel that provides step by step instructions on cooking the food.

Greatist is a site for health and fitness that offers you ideas and studies that help you achieve this end, and a chunk of their site is all about healthy foods. This blog is composed of researchers, writers, experts and not chefs or cooks. Their method then is to research delicious and healthy dishes that have been verified by experts like chefs and nutritionist. They only not offer recipes for these dishes, but also gives tips and insights on diet trends.

Love and Olive oil is a blog site that is created by a couple named Lindsay and Taylor. They are not chefs, they just simply love food and cooking. Their relationship, they described, is similar to their culinary journey wherein they have their down moments which are burnt foods, and high moments like the delicious foods which they highlight on their site.

Their specialties are dishes which cost low but delicious and easy to cook. The couple also travels a lot, and they share special dishes from each place by giving ingredients and instructions on how to cook it.

Are you a vegetarian? If yes, then this is the site for you. This site is created by Kate, a self-taught cook and her sidekick Cookie, which is a dog. The site encourages on eating whole foods, foods that are most minimally processed that can be found most near to their sources. The site gives recipes to these dishes with beautiful pictures to guide your cooking process.

The Full Helping is the site for vegetarians out there. Here they share recipes for delicious dishes that are all plant-based. The author and cook of this site are named Gena, once suffered anorexia but had found the cure on part of this vegan diet. Aside from recipes of these vegan foods, Gena also shares her mindful approach towards cooking and eating and her experiences on overcoming an eating disorder

Spoon Fork Bacon is a Do It Yourself and a food blog at the same time. They share a multitude of delicious food recipes with remarkable pictures that will make you hungry. Most especially, this site provides instructions for DIY projects that can surely increase your dining aesthetics. Ranging from dining invitations, flower bouquet, gift wrapping, garlands, ornaments, fruit extracts, to making Easter Eggs!

Honest Cooking is one of the most prominent food magazines out there. The magazine aspires to be the leading paper and site for food talk, salivating recipes, and the latest news concerning about food. The magazine features more than 900 food writers, Chefs, photographers, and bloggers.

Aside from the guaranteed delicious food recipes, the site also provides information on beverages like wine, beer, cocktails and recipes for virgin drinks. The magazine also has a video site on Vimeo, to share their recipe tutorials for all.

As the title suggests, Joy is a baker plus food photographer, plus cookbook author. This site specializes on baking, from luscious cakes to delicious pies, doughnuts, burgers, etc! The site also has other branches of websites like Vimeo, where you can watch the video tutorial of the recipes, and also a podcast named “Homefries” that tackles food, wines, entertainment, simple living, and parenting.

101 Cookbooks is a site of synthesized knowledge of recipes from 100 cookbook collection of the author and the cook, Heidi. Aside from the collection, Heidi also tries to combine or make her own recipes from her everyday life, interests and her travels. Heidi also has a culinary boutique online, offering a variety of useful and aesthetically beautiful kitchen tools.

Buns in my Oven is a blog site that is founded by a Mother named Karly, and as you can guess, she cooks her recipes for her family. So if you want to cook delicious home food that also looks fancy, then this is the website for you.

The site uniquely organizes their recipes by categories renaming them into homely terms like “Dippy things, Link Party, Easy Breezy chicken, etc.” The site also offers video tutorials on their recipes to make it easier for you took their recipes.

Sippity Sup is a blog site that offers you full complementary of resources to help you cook better foods. First of all, it contains almost all kinds of food recipes that are presented in an easy manner, which you can also share to your friends through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google. It also has PodCast, Videos, and books to help you in however you want.

Shutterbean is a blog site about food, photography, and snippets of the life of the author, photographer, and cook, Tracy Benjamin. The site is her space wherein he can be creative, by making his own delicious recipes and beautiful photographs of anything that comes her way. The site also offers tips on organizing and decorating your time and home.

Simply Delicious first started just an ordinary food blog made for friends and relatives in far places, however, the author and cook of this site didn’t imagine that her blog would win best food blog awards and grow into what it is today.

It is home to a huge number of recipes that is available to you, ebooks and videos for your disposal. Also, the site has a review section, wherein the cook puts his opinions on products concerning on making food (blender, cookbooks, etc.).

Aggie’s Kitchen


Aggie, as you can guess, the founder of Aggie’s Kitchen, grew up in a family who loved cooking and had run an Italian Restaurant in Sicily. Aggie’s recipes are mostly composed of whole and fresh ingredients. Her preferences are seafood, vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruits. So if you want delicious recipes without meat, this site is for you. She substitutes meat’s protein from other sources like fish, nuts, beans, etc.

Shockingly Delicious is the site where you can find fabulous and ‘scary good’ food. Dorothy Reinhold, the author, and cook of this site was a professional writer for food recipes and stories for a long time. She has 400 plus cookbooks in her home, not to mention magazines and online food articles. As a result, her site Shockingly Delicious is a distillation and selection of the best, tried and true recipes of delicious food.

Paleo Leap is a blog site about overall wellness of the body and mind. The author and cook, Sebastien Noel believes that eating healthy, delicious foods is very essential for our well-being. The site is very well made and very easy to navigate. Aside from the free wealth of information and recipes for healthy and delicious food, the site also offers a 30-day program, a guided 30-day diet that will restart your body for the better.

The Wimpy Vegetarian


The author and cook of The Wimpy Vegetarian, Susan, is married to a guy who liked meat and calls vegan diet as “horse food”. However Susan was determined to live on the vegan diet, so she took up the culinary course on a cooking School. Not before long, her husband piled more vegan food than meat. This site is for those who want to commit to a vegan diet, replacing meat with as much delicious food with veggies.

The wicked Noodle started as a simple site for friends and relatives, however, it grew into an incredible site for food lovers today. Kristy, the author of the site is a chef, she started cooking just for the mere habit of it, collecting and studying recipes at first but now she creates her own.

Kristy shares her healthy but delicious food on this site, mostly using vegetables, lean meat, fruits, and lots of cream. Because of her simple to acquire recipes that turn into spectacular tasting food, she won several contests and is featured in other blogs, magazine and even on the TV.

Spicy Southern Kitchen


As their name suggests, Spicy Southern Kitchen offers the free recipe for food that is delicious and spicy. Aside from the regular red pepper flakes as the main ingredient, the site also uses southern produced food like corn, peaches, sweet potatoes, okra, etc.

If you want to make simple and cheap vegetarian diets, then Amuse Your Bouche is perfect for you. The site features 15-minute dishes that requires easy to find and cheap ingredients that can also give you a delicious and healthy meal. The site also offers a list of recipes that are Gluten Free.

Indian food is as diverse as any kinds of food out there. Prerna and Abhishek, the founder and cooks of this website, shares, and showcases the wide array of Indian foods in a simple manner. Because of their advocacy and the sheer ingenuity and deliciousness of their food, they have been featured in numerous publications and awards. They also interact with their audience by hosting holiday cooking contests.

The Iron You is the site for those who want to be super fit. The author and cook, Mike is a triathlete and contests for Iron Man challenges, hence came the name of his site. The site offers you recipes for foods that are fit for this rigorous lifestyle.

The site showcases a Paleo diet, which means zero processed food and only whole and fresh ingredient. Aside from these super-healthy recipes, the site also has the section for exercise, nutrition, and triathlon.

Place of my Taste


Place of my Taste is a site filled with art and aesthetics. The founder of this site I a DIY-er, photographer, and cook. Her recipes are simple enough to imitate, but you can be sure enough that it is delicious.

The site also offers a DIY and decoration section, where you can get tips and knowledge on how to make your home more beautiful. The site also has a shop section, where you can buy her products like artworks, photographs, and invitation cards.

Katie Parla is a beverage and food journalist and educator. She acquired several degrees and certificates that make her more knowledgeable on the topic of food. She created the Katie Parla site to make people talk about good food, and highlight delicious food and praise those who make it. She has the special preference for Rome’s delicacies and beverages because that is where she lives and she has critical reviews for the restaurants in Rome.

Well-being Secrets is great for those who seek fitness, well-being, nutrition, etc. The site is full of articles about these topics, they listed and enumerated tips and described thoroughly. For example, they have articles like “20 Best foods for pregnant, 25 High-Protein Diet, etc.” The good thing about these articles is that they are scientifically backed up, so if you want to be fit and healthy you have to check this site out.

My Darling Lemon Thyme is one of the more prominent sites for vegetarian and gluten-free diet. The founder and cook of the site, Emma Galloway, is a chef for almost a decade and has been featured in several prominent magazines and even on Oprah. Emma’s recipes are chiefly made of whole foods of gluten-free vegetables. Emma’s recipes will help you create that super healthy, yet very delicious food you want.

Reclaiming Provincial


Reclaiming Provincial is a site that champions food culture found in local farms. Recipes that are found on this site are almost meat-free, it uses local agricultural products most of the time. Beverages that are often boozy, baked goods, and seasonal recipes are found here.

Love and Lemons feature bright and light dishes that is often topped with a squeeze of lemon. The site is full of these kinds of recipes and is coupled with perfectly captured pictures. The blog site is highly recognized by media sites and magazines, and their book was also acknowledged and recognized by New York Times, describing it as one of the loveliest cookbooks out there.

In this cooking site, you can find wide arrays of recipes, as Jo, the cook says that she probably cooks about everything. One notable thing about this site though is that Jo uses ingredients that can be easily found in your local store. Along with this, Jo also has a cookbook that features delicious, easy to cook 30-minute meals.

Life Made Sweeter


Life Made Sweeter is a great site for those searching for Asian recipes. The site features these Asian recipes that are full of flavors yet easy and quick to prepare. Most of the recipes on this site, however, are mostly meat-free, and the author of the site makes sure her dishes are healthy. You can also find recipes for desserts and baked goods for special occasions here.

Girl Versus Dough is a blog site that is all about baking. The site offers you how to bake special biscuits, cookies, bread, cakes, tart and more. Aside from the recipes, the site also gives you tips and information on how to improve your overall baking skills and knowledge.

The Works of Life


The works of life are the site for authentic Chinese foods. The best thing about this site is that their recipes can be tried by cooking novice and still promises to help you cook delicious Chinese food. The founders of the Works of Life belongs to a Chinese family who owns a restaurant who operates for more than 100 years now.

Host the Toast is a blog site that simply offers a wide variety of dishes. Some of the recipes are fully healthy or are full of carbs, some are sweet or cheesy, vegetarian or bacon wrapped. The thing is that anything delicious can be found on this site.

NellieBellie is the blog site for the mom who aspires to be wonder cooks. The site offers easy and quick to make recipes for the busy mom, it has a whole section of dishes that can be made with 5 or fewer ingredients. It also has a baking section and beverage section alongside with kitchen shopping and storing tips. Aside from food, the site offers sections full of articles for home beautification, cleaning, and parenting.

Cooking for Keeps is a unique blog site for cooking. When you try to scan and select recipes, the site lets you pick the difficulty level of your desired dish, from easy, medium, to hard. Because of this option, the site offers you a wide variety of recipes that, from very few ingredients to recipes that are made of very difficult to find ingredients. The site doesn’t have a nice or preference of recipes, as long as it is delicious, you can find it here.

House of Yumm is a blog site about foods that are made of simple ingredients that make fabulous, delicious foods. The founder and cook of this site have a preference for Texan Food, and so if you are interested in this kind of food, here is your site. The site also offers a program wherein you can learn how to save money, time, while you attempt to eat better and healthier.

What’s for Lunch, Honey?


What’s for Lunch, Honey? Is one of the more prominent food blogs out there, having already won several awards. The site provides a wide array of recipes that has been carefully and passionately made by the author and cook. The site prides itself on using only organic dairy, meat, and other products. The site also provides workshops and E-courses for those who are interested in improving their cooking skills.

Prevention RD’s founder and cook, is a registered Dietician, hence the name of the site. The site offers you recipes that are fully healthy that would help you achieve the balanced diet. The site also writes articles that promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

Eat like a Girl


Eat like a girl is a blog site that offers you recipes from different restaurants in different places. Because the founder and cook of this site like to travel, she always keeps in mind that she should bring home a new recipe from that place. So if you want a variety of well-tested food, this is the site for you.

Caroline’s Cooking is a great site for those who seek international recipes. They release recipes however according to what season it is. The recipes on this site are guaranteed tasty yet also easy to cook.

If you want to choose from a wide variety recipes, then The Endless Meal is the site for you. They share almost all kinds of recipes, and they offer their cookbooks for free too. They make sure that their dishes are healthy and delicious too. Lastly, they offer cooking courses for you!

At the instant you hit that search button for The Delicious Life, you will instantly be presented with mouth-watering pictures of dishes with their recipes at the bottom. You don’t have to click anything at this site, you just have to scroll your mouse down and you will see delicious dishes of different kinds.

Lavender and Lovage is one of the most prominent blog sites in terms of British and French Cuisine. The site gained recognition from Telegraph and The guardian, and has won several awards like number 1 food blog in the United Kingdom; these awards and recognition only speaks for itself on how good and how delicious the recipes that this site offers us. The site also covers baking, a keeping of chickens and gardens, and as well as French lifestyle.

Katie at the Kitchen Door


Katie at the Kitchen Door is a personal blog site made by the author who is a consultant by day and food blogger at night. As a consultant, the author often travels to different places in the world like Hong Kong, Russia, Italy, Ecuador, etc. Because of these traveling, our author comes across these delicious foods and is inspired in taking with her recipes from these local restaurants and offers it to us.

Flavor Mosaic is a blog site that is created by Michele, the blog serves as her creative outlet. Michele’s recipes are foods that are budget friendly, she often mixes and matches several recipes to create a superb, delicious one. If you want to venture out to try personal dishes, here is a site for you.

Wallflower Kitchen is a great site for vegetarians. The author of this site, Aimee, is a vegan herself so you can expect the best vegan dishes from her. Aimee is also a photographer, so you can expect to see captivating pictures of delicious vegan food. What’s more is that Aimee likes to make recipes for you, if you have allergies or some preferences, she will delightfully make a recipe that is fit for you.

The founder of Clever Carrot, Emilie, is a former chef turned to a full-time food blogger. This site is featured in several cooking magazines and in no less than Oprah Magazine and Huffington Post. In light of this, you can expect the best recipes from Emilie and the Clever Carrot. The site also prides itself on giving recipes that are stress-free and easy, the site also gives you tips on how to save time and money by gathering your ingredients.

Cindy’s Recipes and Writings


Cindy, the author, and cook of this site has been a professional cook for more than 40 years and a master gardener. Because of this, you can expect to find recipes for delicious, healthy and wholesome foods in this site. The site also encourages you to use earth-friendly and sustainable foods from certain brands.

Chef Savvy is founded by a classically trained and practicing chef. The chef features her favorite recipes from her workplaces and offers it to you for free. As the site says, they give weeknight meals that are delicious and easy to cook. The instructions on this site are clearly presented in a concise and easy to follow way.

As the site name suggests, you can find farm town recipes on this site. All of the ingredients shown in this site can be found at your local farm store. Aside from using several kinds of meat, the site also uses herbs, vegetables and fruits for their recipes.

The Kitchen Paper


The Kitchen Paper is a blog site that is home not only for articles relating food, but also of running, travel, yoga, and overall lifestyle. The site also has a section on teaching you how to create this kind of blog. The site has many recipes for all of the kinds of food.

American Heritage Cooking


American Heritage Cooking is founded by a professional cook that works for a New York City restaurant. Aside from cooking, she also likes to writing and photography, so you can find this combination from his site. The site is full of delicious recipes of all kinds of food, but they rather specialize in antique American Recipes.

Kevin is Cooking is a food site that is made of the mix of healthy and indulgent food. The author and cook, Kevin, have been working as a professional cook for almost his adulthood life. Now, he shares his experience on cooking and the delicious recipes that he has learned along the way.

Cooking and Beer is a blog site that is created by a couple, who are both food and beer enthusiasts. The couple likes to travel and experiment, so they acquire new ideas for recipes and kinds of beer along the places they travel.

Dinner at the Zoo is founded by a full-time mom and a full-time food blogger. In her site, you can find healthy, delicious, and time-friendly recipes that you can cook for your children. For practicalities sake, most of the recipes in the site are freezer-friendly, so you can preserve and save your delicious cooked food!

Renee’s Kitchen Adventures


Renee the founder and cook of Renee’s Kitchen Adventures, has been developing recipes since she learned how to cook. Her recipes are guaranteed delicious for it won her awards and recognition from big companies like Pepperidge Farm, Kraft and more. Renee is also a mother, so she makes sure that her dishes are healthy. So you can expect both delicious and healthy recipes on this site.

Vindulge is a blog site about food, wine and travel. The site shares recipes about delicious vegan foods up to fantastic barbecue recipes. They also have a section that is focused on wine, comments and reviews about wine and how to pair a certain kind wine to different food. The author also shares her adventures in her travels, and comments and gives reviews for places or restaurants along the way.

For the Love of the South


For the Love of the South is all about food recipes and articles about the life in South America. The author has been all around the Southern like Texas, Florida, Alabama, etc. Aside from recipes, the site can also be called a catalog because it contains lists of where this particular herb or spice can be found in Southern America.

Will Cook for Friends is founded by Willow, a photographer and a huge lover of food. She learned cooking from cookbooks, magazines, and blogs just like this one. She creates and mixes from all these sources and creates recipes on her own preferences. In her recipes, she recommends in using as wholesome and as little processed products as possible.

The Unplugged Woodshop is one of the best blogs you need to follow as it provides not just great products on sale but also course if you are eager to learn some woodworking skills and expertise. Some of the materials are typical for woodworks which you can order directly through this site.

Ifoodreal is founded by a Mom who has several kids and is a fitness advocate. She makes sure that her family eats healthy foods, and thus she creates these recipes that are made up of wholesome ingredients. Aside from being healthy, the recipes that are found here are surely delicious, based on the positive reviews of its audiences.

Taste and See is a great site for those who seek delicious recipes, especially those who want to use their gardening harvests in their food. This site also has an online shop for Kitchen essentials. Here you will find all you need for cooking, with descriptions and reviews from the author.

Golubka Kitchen is a site founded by a mother and daughter. Here they share recipes for you that are completely tasty vegetarian food. The kitchen also releases recipes according to the season. They also have a section for video tutorials to help you cook their recipes.

An Italian in My Kitchen


An Italian in My Kitchen is a site entirely devoted to Italian cuisine. Recipes that are available here are Italian desserts, cookies, pastries, pasta, different kinds of Tiramisus, and dishes that you can do for 30 minutes or less!

The Yellow House is a site that contains recipes for food and archives about cooking in general, travel, gardening, culture and all things that are beautiful. Their archives for recipes range from almost all kinds of foods and their articles are just as tasty like it.

Kitchen Confidante, having garnered awards and recognition from magazines and media sites, will guarantee that what you will find here is surely delicious. The site also offers video tutorials to make it easier for you to follow their recipe. Also, the author also does speaking engagements, so if you have a question or want to pick the brains of an amazing cook, you better follow this site!

Little Broken is a great site if you’re looking for easy to cook and delicious recipes made with fresh ingredients. The site usually uses chicken or fish as their main ingredient, however you can still find a wide variety of recipes for breakfast, appetizers and sweets.

Pickled Plum offers a wide variety of delicious dishes, but their specialty are Asian dishes. The author and cook of this site had been to numerous Asian countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. She has been collecting and recreating recipes and organizes it here on her site. What’s more is that this site offers what they call “Anti-Aging Recipes.” So if you’re hopeful on looking young, this site can help you.

Immaculate Bites is a great site for those seeking for African and Caribbean recipes. The site guarantees you’ll make your everyday home cooking elegantly and deliciously. Besides their staple recipes of Afro-Caribbean, they also share recipes from other countries and they also have a Recipe of the Month feature.

The Complete Savorist


The Complete Savorist prides itself in making recipes that are super delicious and trying at the same time on using lesser calories and fat as much as possible. Her recipes are also diabetic and gastric friendly. All of the recipes have an underlying inspiration from Mexican, Italian, and Asian cuisine.

Hortus is a great food site that offers Italian vegetarian dishes. This site offers their delicious recipes with captivating photography. They also offer workshops for those who want to specialize in this cooking niche. They also have guide and tips section for better knowledge that pertains with flours, pasta, salts, and oils; which are also almost always used in their recipes.

Supercharged food is a blog site that is not only about food, but for overall betterment of lifestyle. Here you can find a very nutrition conscious list of recipes, and they almost deny the use of processed food. They also offer articles that teaches healthy lifestyle and how to maintain your well-being. They also offer 2 days or 4 week program for those who want to be more healthy.

Farmette is a great site about Irish, food, farm and culture. The site shares recipes of almost all kinds of food as long as it is Irish. Aside from this, the site offers tips for those who wish to live in Ireland and share Irish culture and skills.

What’s Gaby Cooking


What’s Gaby Cooking is a site that presents you glimpses of the culture and dishes of LA! The site offers you more than a thousand of these fabulous, delicious, recipes. Because of these recipes, What’s Gaby Cooking has been recognized by several major media sites like Yahoo and Cosmopolitan. Aside from this, this site gives you articles to live a life like you are in the city of angels.

Food in Jars is a site that offers free recipe and sells food that is literally in jars! Visit their site and see for yourself the mouthwatering food that is made of fresh fruits and select herbs and vegetables. If you want to be creative and try this endeavor too, you can always scan for your most preferred recipe that is readily available her. The site also partners with Ball, to freshly preserve the food in jars.

Recipe Diaries is a personal food site made by a food lover named, Jenna. This site is a unique food site for it categorizes its recipes into ranking. So if you feel a bit scared on trying something fancy, you can try the easier ranks. Likewise, if you want to try something daring, try their highest category! But rest assured, be it the easiest or hardest rank, you will still find the delicious recipe you crave.

Hurry The Food Up


Hurry the food up is a great site for those who have busy schedules and want to cook quickly, healthily, and deliciously. This site offers recipes to tasty vegetarian dishes that can be cook under 30 minutes. So if you want to cook food quickly and don’t want to cook canned foods either, this is the site for you.

Girl Carnivore is an excellent site for those who love and want to know many things about meat. The site offers mouth-watering recipes using meat of all edible kinds. The site also gives articles to increase your knowledge and the skill on grilling, butchering, curing, grinding, and making sausages out of your meat.

Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen


Chelsea of Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen is a registered dietitian and food enthusiasts. She shares all kinds of delicious recipes as long as it is healthy. Found on this site too are her adventures when she goes to different places, coupled with minute details and pictures. This site can be a refreshing place for you to select the recipe you crave and view aesthetic things and views at the same time.

A Saucy Kitchen prides itself to give healthy and delicious gluten-free recipes. It also promotes low FODMAP diet, which is an acronym for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharide, and Polyols. This diet is for everybody who wants to try it, but it is recommendable for those who have problematic Bowel System. It also has recipes for paleo, vegan, egg free, and dairy free recipes.

Anne’s Kitchen is a blog site and a TV Show that is based in Luxemburg. It first started just a mere hobby by Anne, but because of her extraordinarily delicious recipes and the number of audience that is following it, she was invited to host her own TV Show. In this site, you can access her recipes over the years and it also has tips for those who want to go to London, she has comments and reviews on places that have good food.

Simply Fresh Dinners


Simply Fresh Dinners is the site for those who want to find low calorie and delicious dishes. The site offers almost all kinds of recipes that are made up of fresh produce ingredients. The recipes here are not expensive, easy to find and easy to cook and most of all, are guaranteed delicious.

Life Love Food is a site that is a mixture of Food and Travel. The site has guide for those who want to visit Venice, Padua, Sicily, and Copenhagen. With this said, expect to find recipes that belong to these places. The author and cook of this site has earned a masters program for Gastronomic Sciences, so it almost a guarantee that recipes here are delicious and healthy.

Savory Nothings offer delicious recipes and tips for overall management of your Kitchen. The site has recipes for almost all kinds of foods that are cheap, easy to find, and easy to cook. The site also offers you archives of tips on how to organize your kitchen, systematize your recipes and how to save time and money.

Liz and Jewels is a great site that offers recipes of all kinds of food, including their specialty, German cuisine. The site also offers courses and posts on food styling, a way on how to present your food in a flashier and tastier way. Just make sure you have a German friend or an accurate translator because the site’s content is mostly German in language.

Flavor the Moments


Flavor the Moments is owned by Marcie who went to school to learn to cook and became a food blogger instead of being a professional cook. Here, she shares her passion and creativity for making recipes that are full of flavor yet healthy food. The site also offers tips and techniques on cooking, like how to easily make your pie crust a classic or how to spatchcock your chicken.

London Eater is a great site that rates and reviews restaurants mainly in London and sometimes other countries as well. The site has started since 2008 and has been operating greatly since and now on a regular basis. Expect to find accurate and informative information about delicious and exquisite restaurant food here! The site also has stunning pictures of the author’s travel around the world.

In The Shelter Blog, you are provided with some contents and topics that are useful, beneficial and practical – from carpentry, homesteading, gardening, and home arts. It also features a different kind of houses and provided details on each design, allowing you to make your knowledge about woodworking designs profound. This site posts contents from different writers to provide you various experiences and insights.

Emily Weeks, the author and cook of Zen and Spice is also a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. She believes that the key to a happy life is having good food, and well-tuned body and mind. Her site offers you nourishment on these needs, as it has deliciously healthy recipes that are made up of wholesome ingredients and also on articles on mindfulness and what she calls intuitive eating.

The London Foodie is all about food, wine, and travel. The founder of this site, Louis Hara, is a trained chef and wine connoisseur. The site offers you classy food recipes that are surely delicious and exquisite. They also cover reviews and ratings of London’s Hotels, Clubs, and restaurants. Louis also shares the delicacies he has encountered along his travel, which covers the countries of Bali, Cambodia, Croatia, Cuba, England, France, and much more!

April, the author and cook of Girl on Gourmet record her culinary exploits in this blog site. What is unique about her site is that she puts internet links on the ingredients she uses in her recipe, so it would be easier for you to find them. Her recipes revolve mainly around popular recipes, main courses, soup, appetizer, and dessert. She also offers a video section, wherein you can see some of her recipes being recorded and demonstrated.

Every Girl Gourmet is an interactive cooking experience Audrey McGinnis created because she believes everyone can cook incredible food! Audrey, an “Every Girl”, believes you don’t have to have a culinary degree to cook like a gourmet chef.

Are you craving for Indian foods? Then Mallika Basu is the sight you’ve been finding for. An Indian cook shares her knowledge on recipes and cooking delicious Indian foods for you. The author also writes regularly for the food column of London Evening Standard and ad hoc cookbook. So you can expect to find tried and true, authentic Indian food in Mallika Basu.

Fork and Spoon offer you a variety of tasty and healthy recipes. Mallory, the author, and cook of this site shows her passion and creativity in this personal blog site. Her specialties are her recipes for baking and anything that is sweet. The site also has a gratitude journal section, wherein Mallory, a photographer in her own respect, captures captivating images that pertain to her journey on cooking food and life in general.

Well, Floured is a personal blog site of a mother who loves to invent and cook recipes for her family, and of course to post it on this blog. The site has a very simple interface, wherein you can find that recipe you crave without many squabbles. The site offers the delicious, homemade recipes for appetizers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks.

Louisa, the founder and cook of ‘Living Lou’, had been fascinated by a cookbook when she was just 7 years old and she had been cooking ever since. She made this blog site as an outlet for her passion for food, and it has given her in success, in turn, she has been featured in magazines and even on TV.

The site offers you flavorful recipes that are made with simple and fresh ingredients. The site also offers video tutorials for clearer and easier instructions of her recipes.

All-day Kitchen fuses delicious recipes and captivating photography to stimulate your senses and start cooking for yourself. Aside from the recipes, you can also find articles about current food trends here, so you can be updated on what’s hot and fab. The site also has articles on tried and tested hospitality concepts, so you can also be a better host as well as if you decide to invite guests to taste your food.

The Modern Proper is a great site that offers you delicious recipes and articles to increase your knowledge and skills of being a host. The site has a vision of restoring the lost art of hospitality by informing you of the proper etiquettes of handling your guests. The site aims to bring families and communities closer by providing you the meticulous custom of making people comfortable and at home, and of course the recipes for that delicious food.

Ed Smith, the author and trained chef of Rocket and Squash, is deemed one of the best food writers for he has won a couple of awards at this. His site offers you sections of Eating in and Eating Out.

Eating in contains the delicious recipes you’ve been finding for, and eating out consists the best collection of restaurants you can visit. It also has a section called supplemental, where you can find hundreds of articles to supplement your knowledge in cooking.

Foodiequine is a personal blog site of Clair, who wishes to share her adventures of recipe development and cooking. Here you can find recipes of many kinds, but you’ll see Scottish dishes especially. Clair also has a section for you that provides articles that contain reviews of over a hundred restaurant that is found in Aberdeen, Scotland.

My Little Italian Kitchen


My little Italian Kitchen offers recipes, as you can guess, Italian dishes. Here you can find recipes for Italian dishes of Pasta, Rice, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, and Sweets. This site is especially informative because, for every recipe, it has the description on the level of skill and quantity of time it requires to cook the dish. It also has articles relating to Food and Italy that you’ll love.

Giraffes Can Bake is an excellent site for those who want to bake sweet things. There are recipes for every baker here, from novices to experts. Aside from baking, it has an additional index of recipes for desserts that will satisfy your cravings for something sweet. To help you even further, the site offers a section for unit conversions, to make baking easier for you and make your measurements of ingredients exact.

Meaningful Eats is a great site for those who are searching for delicious, gluten and dairy free. The recipes that are found here are also easy to find and prepare. You’ll find recipes for healthy treats of breakfast, and meals that are delicious and time friendly, also exquisite dishes that you can prepare for special occasions.

Eat Healthy, Eat Happy


Eat Healthy, Eat Happy is a site that offers recipes of many kinds but specializes in Indian and Mexican Foods. Here you will find mixtures of healthy and indulgent kind of foods.

The author and cook of this site, Gin, also loves photography, so expect to find captivating pictures to enlighten your mood while searching for your recipe of choice. It also has sections that are called “Happy life and Good vibes”, that offers articles that can obviously give you happiness and good vibes.

Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen


Charlotte, the author, and cook made this site to share her creativity and experiences in trying to develop her own recipes. The site offers almost all kinds of dishes which are mostly healthy. The site also has a food calendar, wherein you can easily remember the upcoming holidays where you can showcase your recipe. Charlotte also shares her journey and story on developing her food website, so you can begin yours too.

I Knead to Eat is the site where you can find delicious recipes that are found all around the world. All of the international recipes that are found can certainly give you its authentic taste, which can also be prepared and easily. Additionally, Wajeeha, the founder of this site lives in Pakistan, and aside from all of the international dishes, you can find lots of middle-eastern cuisines here.

Curious Nut is a great site for those who want to learn and eat Asian cuisine. Ai, the creator and cook of this site are a pure Malaysian who loves to eat and cook. In this site, she shares Southeast Asian and East Asian recipes, from home foods, restaurants, hawkers stalls, to Street foods. Here she testifies that Asian recipes are easy to prepare, yet will give rich and bold flavors for your taste buds.

Savor the Best is a great site to find delicious recipes that are made up of wholesome and fresh ingredients. The site believes that these wholesome ingredients don't compromise the taste of the food, instead, it adds flavor that makes it more delicious. Being healthy for them doesn’t mean eating vegetables every time either, they occasionally upload indulgent recipes for you to strike balance.

My Tasty Curry is a great site for those seeking for Indian Recipes. The site emphasizes on the roles of each ingredient play in your dishes and teaches you how to select and blend these ingredients to satisfy your craving. The site also has a Youtube Channel entitled “Easy Cooking with Rekha Kakkar”, if you want to see how the recipes are prepared in person. The site also has snippets of the author's photography exploits and travels.

Amber Ketchum, the founder, and cook of Homemade Nutrition is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. In this site, she shares her passion for making food that is full of nutrition that is good for your body. The recipes on this site are especially great for those who want to lose weight without compromising their health. Amber tries her best to turn delicious recipes healthier or make healthy recipes a good deal tastier.

Planet Veggie is a personal blog site that is dedicated for those seeking for tasty vegan foods. The author and cook of this site admit that she is not a professional cook, but loves to take her cooking skills to the next level and thus recording her journey on this blog site. So if you’re still trying to improve your cooking skills, you may be able to relate and join her in her journey of improvement.

The Petite Cook just recently won the top Food blogs in the UK as a testament of its delicious recipes. The founder and cook of this site have some experience working in a Michelin-starred restaurant and has been able to work with one of the best chefs in the world. Most of the recipes are inspired by Italian Cuisine, can be prepared easily and mostly takes 30 minutes or less.

That Square Plate is a unique food blog, the site prepares delicious recipes that can be put in a little square plate. The site includes recipes from other blog sites and recreates it in its own style, the recipes are also categorized on its difficulty level. The site also has a section called “Yay!” basically all the recipes on the internet that made the author say, “Yay!”

Emma’s Little Kitchen


Emma’s Little Kitchen is the food site that shares easy to make vegetarian dishes. All of the ingredients used in her recipes are wholesome and fresh. However, the author and cook, Emma also believe that sweet foods make life better. So she tries to innovate baking of sweet cakes and desserts a good deal healthier.

Dinner a love story believes that the happiness of the family depends on a large part of eating together, especially Dinner. The site aims to help mothers to create better dinner that the whole family will love. Here you can find delicious recipes of all kinds, from easy to difficult, from simple to the exquisite kinds, and much more. You can also purchase the creator’s three books here on her website.

Ann, the author and cook of Ancoo Journal, is already retired and made this blog to make use of her time, enjoy her passion, and share it with you. In this site, you will find delicious quick and easy recipes to prepare. Ann is a good baker too, she took classes to learn, so you better take note of her cookies and cake recipes.

Unicorns in the Kitchen


Unicorns in the Kitchen is a great food site that offers you a variety of choices but takes note, they are especially good in Persian food. Recipes of these Persian dishes came from the ‘ancient’ cookbooks of the mother of the founder of this site, Shadi. You may think that Persian cuisine might be difficult or unfamiliar, but Shadi assures you that you can make it easily and of course deliciously.

Kitschen Cat is a great site for both those who are just starting to learn to cook, and for those are quite expert already in the field. The site differentiates these recipes for you, but guarantees that recipes from both these categories are delicious. She aims to encourage the novices that cooking deliciously is not that hard and that the endeavor is fun.

The Cook’s Pyjamas


The Cook’s Pyjamas is the site for those seeking delicious recipes that easy and time friendly to make. The site offers a variety of dishes that can only be made in 30 minutes or less, and it also has Meal plans for you to follow to save your time and energy searching for recipes. The site also has an additional section that informs you how to preserve your food and ingredients.

Black White Vivid


Black White Vivid is a site made up of the combination of the founder’s passion, food, travel, and photography. In this site, you will find both home recipes and those you can find outside. She takes you with her travels in unknown places, to discover new places of great foods and beautiful views.

The Devil Wear’s Parsley


The Devil Wear’s Parsley is a site that offers you healthy recipes and articles promoting the healthy lifestyle. Recipes that are found on this site are purely made of unprocessed, fresh, and wholesome ingredients. The founder, Natalie, is also a techie, so you can find a section here that is dedicated to technology. If you want to find out more about Natalie, she also included audio files of her interviews here.

1 Big Bite is a personal blog site about food and photography. In this site, you can find both healthy and indulgent foods, the creator of the blog believes the striking the balance between wholesome foods and chocolates is the key. All of the recipes are coupled with mouth-watering pictures that would surely encourage you to try on cooking it.

Joanie Simon, the site and the name of the founder and cook of this site, is a recovering alcoholic. In this site, you can find delicious family recipes that are coupled with stories. Joanie believes that stories behind these recipes are as important as the ingredients. Cooking and taking this blog and her Youtube channel seriously helps her to maintain her sobriety. So if you want to be inspired while cooking, this is the site for you.

Reclaiming Yesterday


Reclaiming Yesterday is a site that advocates cooking for ourselves and for our family. It believes that eating healthy foods is not depriving ourselves of something good and delicious.

That’s why the site offers recipes that are comprised of healthy ingredients, because the site believes the body will repay you for your efforts on eating mindfully. It also has a section called “Food for thought”, to also nourish your mind that would contribute to your well-being.

The Food Blog is a great site if you’re looking for healthy desserts, side and main dishes recipes. Colleen, the founder of this blog site, encourages us on eating real foods, which means eating foods that are made by ingredients that nature has given us, not those from factories. So expect to find recipes that are made from scratches of fresh, wholesome foods.

Monique, the creator and cook of Nourish Everyday is a lawyer turned student nutritionist with a mission. She wants to raise awareness on our bodies’ everyday needs of nutrition, to provide recipes, in turn, to help us met this needs. Monique’s recipes are good for those who want to lose weight without compromising their health.

Fox Valley Foodie was created by the author and cook to share his passion for food and share it with others, and also to blog and write about his life. The site offers recipes for almost all categories of delicious food. The site also has a section called ‘Foodie Travels’, wherein the author shares his exploits of finding good food in other places.

The Gourmet and Gourmand


The Gourmet and Gourmand is a personal blog site of Sarah who loves to eat and cook delicious and fancy food. The recipes on this site are mostly made of high quality, fresh ingredients. She also believes that cooking is a form of art and should not be treated as a chore, hence the creativity of the recipes found here. Sarah also loves Indian foods, so expect to find occasional Indian recipes here.

Vanelja is a great site to find wholesome and healthy treats. The ingredients of the recipes that are found here are of high quality, wholesome products. All of the recipes are also gluten, dairy, and sugar-free, although they try substitutes for the sugar. The site also offers video tutorials for you to replicate from and an online shop for the author’s cookbooks.

Just the Food is a blog site that is all about vegan foods, and it has started in 2006 so expect to find comprehensive lists of vegan recipes here. If, however, you prefer cookbooks from online sites to find recipes, Joni the author of this site also has already published 10 cookbooks and is also available on this site. The site also has podcasts that discuss recipes, ingredients, cooking, or all anything about food.

Fuss Free Flavours


Fuss Free Flavours is a great blog site that gives you all kinds of information on foods. The first mission of this site is to make you realize that having a cheap budget towards food doesn’t mean processed and fast food, but can also be healthy and delicious home food.

Most of the recipes here utilize fruits and vegetables that can be found in your local store and turn them into tasty treats. The site also has a section on reviewing books, restaurants, and cooking products.

Mantitlement is a great site that takes famous recipes and tweaks it a bit according to the taste of the author and cook of this site. The site also guarantees that their delicious recipes are not expensive and time-consuming. Most of the recipes found here are for dinner and party foods. The site also has a section about amazing cocktails and tips to make your parties more awesome.

Superman Cooks is created by someone who has worked in restaurants for probably most his life, starting from a short-order cook to an executive chef of an expensive restaurant. Recipes that are presented in this don't follow any particular diet, though you can be assured that the dishes are healthy, balanced, and supremely delicious. If you want to increase your knowledge on cooking, also read their ‘section 101’ and learn from a life-long chef.

Hot and Chilli is an award-winning blog site that shares Brazilian food, drink and travel. Rosana, the founder of this site, often travels and rates restaurants and dishes that are resided in Brazil. This site also has a section that contains 100 dishes to try in Brazil, which can be your checklist if you plan on taking the vacation there. Rosana also has some recipes of some of these dishes on her site for you to try.

GastroGays is a blog site founded by a gay couple named Russell and Patrick. They often travel a lot, and they try to comment and review places that offer good food. They also aspire to be better cooks, so they search for lovely recipes from cookbooks, the internet or probably anywhere and try it in their own kitchen. The blog record these exploits that are available for you.

Happy Foods is home to a wide variety of delicious recipes with an extra. This extra as I will tackle first, are Cake Decorating which includes cupcakes, and food photography. Now the main course of this site is the delicious recipes that are presented in mouth-watering pictures. They also have a ‘healthy corner’, where you can get healthy recipes for food, snacks, and drinks.

Simply Sissom is a site that offers you healthy and wholesome food. The site has a very simple and neat interface, so it can be easier for you to scroll and find your recipe of choice. The advantages of following this kind of diet, as the author also experienced, will lead to better digestion, increased energy, and clearer skin.

The savory Spicerack is a great site that offers recipes for a wide variety of tasty dishes. With that said, expect to also find a variety of ingredients, spices and cooking methods that are used on this site. This site is perfect if you are planning for dishes for that next party of yours. Also, this site also offers excellent catering services if you are near Texas.

Omnivore’s Cookbook


Omnivore’s Cookbook is a great site for those who want to explore Chinese cuisine. In this site, you will find not only the raw recipe but the principles behind it. No need to worry about the ingredients, for the author clearly sees a challenge and addresses it by integrating Chinese ingredients to those that are found in your local store. If, however, you want 100% authentic Chinese taste, the site also has a shop for Chinese herbs and spices.

Oat & Sesame is a blog site made of the combination of food and travel. In this site, you can find recipes that are made up of meats, dairy and fresh foods. You can also start a dialogue on this site and suggest inspiration for new recipes. The site also has tips on gardening, and of course, it also has the travel section, from Africa, Europe, and the U.S.

Cookilicious is a personal blog site created to catalog her adventures on trying new food. The site offers her recipes, which are mostly Indian recipes that are for vegetarians. You can try all of her recipes, for all are easy to cook yet would produce delicious and tasty vegan food. She got her recipes from her family that vegetarians for a long time, and sometimes invent something of her own.

Recipes that are Worth Repeating


Here in Recipes that are Worth Repeating, you’d find a variety of tasty recipes that are all gluten-free. The site also suggests meal plans, which will offer you a framework to structure your dishes. The site also just recently started on a section on giving tips on how to become a food blogger.

Geeks Who Eat is a site that offers a lot of information about food. The site has the section for the latest Food News, Food events and local news about food.

The site offers tasty and delicious recipes of all kinds, and here’s what’s unique, they also have a section that’s called Geeky food wherein you’ll find food list like Harry Potter Inspired, Star Wars Inspired food, etc. The site also has reviews section, wherein they comment on cookbooks, dining, and products.

Plus Ate Six is a site to find delicious recipes that are made with fresh ingredients. All of the recipes here can be easily made with less time and easy to find ingredients. The site also contains many recipes that are naturally Chinese delicacies, including meals and baked goods.

Lisa’s Lemony Kitchen


Lisa’s Lemony Kitchen is an excellent site about food and photography combined. The site offers you recipes that are found internationally, especially from Thailand, India, Japan, Korea, and the rest of the world. The site also offers you stunning pictures from these places. The site also has a video section for those who want to study on how to cook the recipes.

Garden Fresh Foodie is an excellent food site for those who have restricted diet. Their recipes are friendly for those who have allergies, diabetes, and heart disease. Ingredients of these recipes are all whole plant foods, which are all low in sugar, no oil, and low in fat. All of the recipes are also gluten-free!

She’s Got Flavor is a food site that believes in the 3 F’s, and that is Frugal, Fast, and Flavorful! So all of the recipes you can find here are under that 3 F’s. The site also has a section that is named ‘Restaurant Flavor’, wherein readers can submit a commentary or reviews on restaurants for all the audience can see. Also, the site has a section about ‘Mom Beauty & Fitness’.

Muy Bueno is a site that is made of the combination of food, beverage, travel, and DIYs. All of the recipes that are found here are all Mexican cuisine, from traditional, modern and fused dishes. The site also has the DIY section, where you can find the how-to to make garlands, ornaments, etc. The site also has a video section for those who want to watch the demonstration of cooking the recipes.

It’s Cheat Day Everyday


It’s Cheat Day Every day is a site where tasty and delicious recipes belong. Recipes that are found here are not at all unhealthy either, the author and cook strike a balance between indulgent and healthy food by substituting ingredients from each other. The recipes here are for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.

Use Your Noodles is a great site to find delicious recipes that are categorized according to how much time they require. The site has 5, 15, 30, 45, 60 minute or even longer recipes! The recipes that are offered are in great variety and dwells in between delicious healthy and indulgent foods.



Danicaliforniacooks is a personal blog site that is all about recipes, healthy living, traveling, and anything in between. As for the recipes, the site offers breakfast, lunch dinner, baked goodies, and snacks! The site also tackles topics about food, like food science, food politics, blogging, and food cultures around the world.

Two Red Bowls is a personal site that catalogs the growing recipes of a junior lawyer slash blogger and cooks. The site offers recipes that are easy to make and delicious Asian dishes! The site has also been a winner of awards like top 15 reader’s choice award for most delicious food and a finalist of the best food blog.

Ready to Yumble is a site that has a very simple and pain interface to make it easier for you to scan for your recipes. Recipes that are offered here are delicious breakfasts, appetizers & snacks, entrees, sides, and fundamentals. The site also attempts to grow their recipe list that is all about foods that are found in Houston.

Quichentell is a great site that offers recipes and articles about food. In the site’s recipes are found a growing list of delicious breakfasts, appetizers, bread, vegetables, seafood, and more! The articles that are found here guests post, like 5 fruits and vegetables that you can add to your bread or lists of good Gluten Free cakes.

Vanille Verte is a food site that advocates on being healthy and thus, eating healthy food. Herein you will find the delicious recipes that are mostly made of wholesome food. The site is also made convenient for you, for it has a mobile application that is available in the app store. The author and cook of the site also have a cookbook that is available here to order.



The owner of Kale.Life is Carly Shankman and she has dedicated her life to wellness. While she's traveling around the world with her husband, she runs her personal blog and coaching program. She's a certified nutritionist and yoga teacher. One of her popular programs is "12 Days to Sexy", it's a step-by-step whole food plan to help you look & feel your absolute best- in 12 days or less!

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