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How To Reheat Tamales? It’s Easier And Faster Than You Think

Tamales is an extremely old dish originating from the Pre-Columbian era (The Aztec era) and it spread throughout the entire south America even in some countries in Asia. But not everyone knows how to exactly heat up tamales properly. So continue reading and these are the quick and easy ways on How To Reheat Tamales.


How To Reheat Tamales?


Tamara was a dish invented during the 5000 BC where the women were taken along in battle so that they could cook for the army.

The tamales are actually something that you could prepare and pack and can also be warmed up when it is going to be eaten. It can be steamed, grilled or put directly on top of the coals. It can also be eaten cold.

There is no record of where or who actually invented the tamales. In the recent times, you can actually put any filling that you want in the tamales like vegetables, meat, and fish, which you will wrap in either some banana leaves, corn husks or even avocado leaves.

There are so many different kinds of tamales all over the world and here is some of what they are called in many countries.




Paches and Chuchitos











Tamales have been a part of the food history of the people from the Latin Americas ever since the 1900s. It is their version of Asia’s sushi and dim-sum.

Different Ways on How to Reheat Tamales

We tend to cook tamales in a large batch simply because it is cheaper and a time-saver. The only problem is some of us don’t really know how to properly heat them. Here are some of the quick and easy ways when it comes to reheating tamales.

How to Reheat Tamales Via Mary Cooks Memorable Dishes

In the Microwave

Reheating tamales in the microwave has its disadvantages.

  • First thing is that you cannot reheat the tamales in the microwave if it hasn’t been thawed.
  • When heating up the tamales, it might have hot spots in the middle of them which are not a good.
  • It also has a tendency of drying out which of course we don’t really want.

But if you do not have a choice, it can still, of course, be done. It is actually the fastest and easiest way out of all the ways to heat it.

What You Need:​
  • Paper towel
  • Water
  • Microwavable container

STEP 1 – Preparing the paper towel

Preparing the paper towel Via thegeneticchef

Damp the paper towel. You can use any type of paper towel just as long as it is big enough to cover the plate full of tamale. It generally depends on how big the tamales are and how many they are. It would also be best if you damp the paper towel with cold running water.

STEP 2 – Arranging the Tamales on the Plate

Arranging the Tamales on the Plate

When arranging the tamales on the plate, make sure that the tamales have enough space and not actually touching one another and that there is at least an inch between them.

STEP 3 – Prepare the Tamales

Prepare the Tamales Via tamaleplace

This is now the time for you to place the damp paper towel on top of the tamales or better yet wrap it around. This step is necessary since microwaves tend to dry out food when you are heating it.

The water will change into a steam as the microwave heats your tamales up.

This for the preservation of the flavor and the texture of the tamales since it will get moist by the towel.

STEP 4 – Set exact time and temperature

Set exact time and temperature

Place the tamales in the microwave, or in some cases onto the turntable. Make sure you placed it properly and in the center.

Make sure to set your microwave to the full power and set it for about 15 seconds

Don’t leave it for too long and make sure you stay by just in case something happens

STEP 5 – Heat up the Tamales

Heat up the Tamales Via tamaleplace

Now press the start button on your microwave and when the time runs out open the microwave and remove the paper towel

You should turn the tamales over and dampen another paper towel then place it again on the tamales

Set it for another 15 seconds

STEP 6 – Check the reheated tamales

Check the reheated tamales Via wikihow

The microwave tends to heat up the tamales unevenly that is why you should check if it is evenly heated up

You can simply run your fingers through the tamales and if you feel any cold parts then you can reheat it once again

Poke holes or cut the tamales if you want to make sure it will heat up this time

In the Oven

By heating the tamales in the oven, it will bring out all the flavors in it but you can only use the oven if you are not in a hurry since it might take some time.

What You Need:
  • Aluminum foil
  • Oven-safe platter

STEP 1 – Pre-heat the oven

Pre-heat the oven

Always remember to pre-heat your oven (425 degrees) before you start preparing anything else

STEP 2 – Get your aluminum foil

Get your aluminum foil Via wisegeek

You can use any aluminum foil of your choice but it must be plain and not plastic

Cut a piece of foil which must be big enough to wrap around the tamale twice

STEP 3 – Wrap the Tamales

Wrap the Tamales Via chewtheworld

Get the aluminum foil that you have cut up and wrap it around the tamale about two to three times

Make sure to squeeze all the air out of the foil packet

STEP 4 – Arrange the Tamales

Get the oven-safe platter and arrange the tamales nicely without touching each other

Put it in the oven and cook it for about 20 minutes

On a Deep Fryer

Whoever said you cannot heat up some tamale on a deep fryer doesn’t really know anything about having great tamale. Or maybe they are just on a strict diet since this will have lots of calories in it.

What You Need:

STEP 1 – Medium Heat

Medium Heat and Put a little oil into the deep fryer

Set your deep fryer to medium heat. You wouldn’t want it to be too low or too high

Put a little oil into the deep fryer

STEP 2 –The Husk

Remove the husk Via wikihow

Remove the husk and slowly put it into the deep fryer

Let it cook for about 2-3 minutes

STEP 3 – Serve

Serve the crispy fried tamales

*This last method can only be used if the tamales are not frozen*

Final Thought


Despite all the different versions of tamales over the years, I’m sure every single one of them is worth a try. I hope helped you out when it comes to heating up this delicious dish. Nothing will be wasted if you know how to properly heat a leftover meal.

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