Top Herbs that are Good Substitutes for Rosemary

Rosemary is a common culinary herb grown in the Mediterranean. It’s used in baked goods, sauces and on meats. What I like about growing rosemary is that it’s easy to grow and you can keep it in a pot and let it form into topiary shapes. After some time, it will grow into a large shrub.

Rosemary is added to a lot of recipes because it has a complex and distinct flavor. I’ve been adding this ingredient to dishes I love to cook, and I can affirm that I couldn’t save a dish without this vital ingredient.

However, there are times that we ran out of rosemary spice in our kitchen and we’re left with no choice but to find a substitute. If you say that there’s no other spice or herb with the same flavor of rosemary, I agree with you, but there are some few tricks you can do to save your dish with a substitute.


List of Substitute for Rosemary

Dried Rosemary

Dry Rosemary Via nuts

Every herb is different, and even the dried one has a distinction from the fresh one that’s why a dried herb won’t make it as a substitute. But if you’re in a tight situation and the recipe calls for fresh rosemary which you don’t have at the moment, the dried rosemary is your only chance.
To make the recipe work using the dried rosemary, you need to do some math. For one teaspoon of fresh rosemary required by the recipe, substitute ¼ teaspoon of dried rosemary. Doing this process will give you the flavor that you’re looking for. So you can say that the dried rosemary is an almost perfect substitution.


Thyme Via wikipedia

This herb belongs to a mint plant family with a plethora of flowers that appear pink, lilac or white. Thyme’s aroma will remind you of eucalyptus, caraway or lemon.

It’s a good dish ingredient which is chopped and use in meals as soup seasoning, casseroles flavor and sautéed vegetables. It enhances the taste of meat, eggs, fish, and bandish by applying a sparkling. It’s an easily bought herb so if you ran out of rosemary you can just grab one.


Tarragon Via veggiesinfo

Tarragon has an intense flavor by which it is known for, and it can be an option if you don’t have rosemary, or if you ever need spice for your recipe. It’s a perennial herb found in North America and belongs to the sunflower family.

It’s mostly used in French recipes. It’s used for cooking of fish, chicken seasoning and other soup recipes. You might be familiar with it already because it’s bought in small portions only.


Savory Via johnnyseeds

Summer and winter savory are good rosemary substitutes. Mild foods come to life because of this herb. It’s commonly used in scrambled eggs as an additive. It is usually cut and dried in summer and stored in jars during winter. It has a strong aroma that’s why it is dubbed as a dominant form of antiseptic. It also acts as a disinfectant when you toss it into the fire.

Caraway Seeds

Caraway Via wikipedia

Aside from being a rosemary substitute, caraway seeds also complement other ingredients needed for other recipes. It has a distinctive anise flavor and its aromatic. They are used in pork roast, salads, poached fish and Polish sausage meals.


Marjoram Via wikipedia

Marjoram is related to oregano with an aromatic and sweet flavor. Like mentioned in the previous section, it’s a good substitute for rosemary, especially in mushroom diets. It's added to herbaceous dishes like tomato and absolute delights.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaf Via wikipedia

Bay leaf is also a substitute for Rosemary known for its culinary benefits and pleasant aroma. It is recommended to leave it under the sun for the bitter flavor to Wilt. Its aroma is however retained even after being exposed to the sun.

Other Fresh Rosemary Substitutes

If you don’t like dried rosemary or if you also ran out of supply, you can use the fresh herbs like basil or oregano. Use the same amount of those herbs as mentioned on the amount of rosemary needed in your recipe. It’s proven than basil or oregano is a great substitute for rosemary.

Dried Rosemary Substitute

If you ran out of dried rosemary that your recipe requires, your spice rack might contain at least three common herbs that are a great substitute for rosemary. Thyme, tarragon and dried savory are all healthy alternatives to rosemary. If the dish doesn’t contain other seasonings yet, you can mix these herbs for a robust and complex flavor. You don’t have to calculate anymore, just add the same amount of herb the recipe requires for rosemary.

Other Alternatives


Options of substitutes depend on the dish you’re making. You might wish to consider a replacement for rosemary that will complement its taste.

For Sausage Dishes

For Meat and Egg Dishes

For Dishes with Mushrooms

For a Lamb Dish

Those are the herbs you can substitute for rosemary, whether you ran out of supply on your herb rack or if you don’t have any in your kitchen. Herbs like thyme, caraway seeds, tarragon, bay leaf, and tarragon are nutritious substitutes with health benefits too.

If you have tried other alternatives that are not mentioned in this list, feel free to comment. Share this list with aspiring cooks and moms you know so they’ll know what to use when the time comes they don’t have rosemary. Happy cooking!

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