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MUSHROOMS: How Long Do They Last?

How long do mushroom last?

So how long do mushrooms really last? How do you exactly store them? Mushrooms have already been part of our dishes since the olden days. We can find them in every grocery we go to. But then again, once home, they tend to become slimy and develop brown spots within just a few days if we don’t use them right away



How long do mushroom last?

When properly stored, the shell life of a mushroom is approximate:

Types of mushrooms


Fresh WHOLE Mushrooms

7-10 days

Fresh SLICED Mushrooms

5-7 days

Cooked Mushrooms

7-10 days

*All types of food may not last long if they are not stored properly.*


Mushrooms are rotten or spoiled

Mushrooms are rotten or spoiled via One How To

Mushrooms can be dangerous and deadly, you can’t even eat every mushroom you see. So how can we exactly tell if we can no longer use the mushrooms we have in our fridge?

  • Sliminess, They need to be thrown away once you notice they are already too slimy.
  • Dark Spots, If you notice that your mushrooms looked darker than before or have dark spots that obviously weren’t there when you got them. Then it is time for them to go.
  • Wrinkling, Sometimes mushrooms don’t get slimy, instead they get all wrinkly, meaning they are already dry and is no longer nutritious.
  • Bad Odor, Any food that is starting to stink is already spoiled. Any type of strong smell is a total bad sign.
Rotten Mushroom From Fridge

Rotten Mushroom From Fridge

It is best to always check if your mushrooms have gone bad. With proper storage it can last for a few days but if you just kept it in the fridge without really getting it out the bag you got it with, well let’s just say it is really not a great idea. Let’s not waste those yummy mushrooms and learn how to properly store them

Yummy Mushrooms

Yummy Mushrooms via One How To


Food. Closeup dry mushrooms spilling out from storage jar on wooden surface table background.

mushroom in a jar

Store mushrooms the right way and you wouldn’t waste any of it

  • Place the whole unwashed mushrooms in a brown paper bag and fold the top of the bag cover.
  • Then put the bag in the main compartment of your refrigerator.


  • Of course! The bag absorbs excess moisture from the mushrooms, so they don’t get soggy or moldy.

Mushrooms in a Paper Bag via REFRIGERATION REPAIR

Mushroom in a bag via The Balance


jars in a drawer

jars in a drawer

  • If you need to store the mushrooms for more than a week, try to freeze or dry them. That way they would not rot.
  • Although some mushrooms hold up better when they are in the fridge than the others, depends on the type of mushroom. To avoid wasting such great ingredient, please do not buy mushrooms if you are not going to use them yet. Buy them when you will finally use them.
  • Do NOT store mushrooms in a drawer.
  • Avoid storing your mushrooms near any type of food that has a really strong smell or flavor. They will absorb them right then and there.
  • Try not to forget that you have mushrooms in your fridge, since they only last for a week.
Mushroom in the fridge

Mushroom in the fridge via Go Kunming

White Mushrooms – also known as button mushrooms, the gills on the underside should be tightly closed.

DID YOU KNOW? According to Alison Roman, Senior Editor of Bon Appetit. That mushrooms, especially wild mushrooms, are like little sponges. They suck. If you wash them, they’ll get waterlogged. Instead, clean the mushrooms with a paper towel or brush them off with a pastry brush.


  • It would be best to rinse the mushrooms with cool water and pat them dry with a use of a kitchen towel. DO NOT let the mushrooms get soaked because they will obviously absorb the water and it won’t brown nicely if it has water inside of it.
  • FOR MORELS, you should cut a thin slice off at the bottom of the mushroom stem and cut the mushrooms in half and make sure they are all clean you can now slightly rinse it with cool water to remove the dirt.
  • If the mushrooms look clean, then this may be enough but if you try and soak it with salted water, it can help bring out the dirt and some insects from it.
Extreme close up of whole chestnut mushrooms

Extreme close up of whole chestnut mushrooms via Huffington Post

*Cleaning the Mushroom for Stuffing*

  • For White Mushrooms and Cremini Mushrooms – gently twist off or cut off the stem of each mushroom then use a teaspoon to fill each mushroom with the desired filling.

*You can use the stems that you have cut off from your mushroom by mixing it to your filling that would add more flavor to it*

  • For Portobello Mushrooms- again twist or maybe you could just cut the stem if you prefer and by holding the mushroom with one hand, use any type of spoon, either a teaspoon or a tablespoon to scrape out the gills underside of the mushroom and discard them just make sure they are all free of dirt. Now they are ready to stuff.

*No need to wash them again after removing the stems and gills*

Here is a video of chefs cleaning mushrooms

Cleaning & Preparing Fresh Mushrooms via Mushroom Channel


Like I said above, some mushrooms can be dangerous and deadly so here are the things you should avoid before putting it inside your stomach.

  • NEVER EAT THEM RAW. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Some mushrooms are difficult to digest and when you find one in the wild, you can cook them but don’t eat them once you see them.

- When cooked, some of the toxins coming from the mushroom can be broken down. But then again it is not safe to get one from the wild since you don’t know what type of mushroom it is.

  • AVOID PARASOLS AT ALL COST. The very first thing to remember if you are into mushrooms is to make sure not take interest with the parasol-shaped mushrooms or also known as the mushrooms that look like umbrellas that are open.

- These types of mushrooms, especially the ones with bright colors can be deadly and full of poison.

Always remember to be cautious when it comes to mushrooms. Even the ones in the grocery can be dangerous if they are spoiled. It won’t hurt to be knowledgeable when it comes to the things we cook and eat.

Safe Mushroom

Safe Mushroom via Life Hacker

I hope this article helped you one way or the other when it comes to mushrooms. If you have any more questions just leave a comment.

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