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Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs: Awesome Tips & Techniques

If scrambled egg is one of your favorite food, it’s understandable that you want to know if you can freeze it. I know a lot of people will find it funny that you want to freeze such a simple dish – since it only takes minutes to make scrambled eggs.

The truth is, a lot of people want to freeze scrambled eggs. Yes, you’re not alone – just ask Google and you will see that a number of people are asking the same question.

There can really be a lot of reasons why you’d want to freeze scrambled eggs, here are just some of them:

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    You need to make a lot of scrambled eggs for your family every day.
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    You have leftover scrambled eggs and don’t want to throw it away.
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    You want to make scrambled eggs in advance, so that you can just reheat the food when you need it.

See, I understand you perfectly. And here’s a confession – I love scrambled eggs, too.

What do Scallops Taste Like: Things You Must Know About Scallops

Are you just starting to appreciate and learn about seafood? If so, then the scallop is one of the seafood that I highly recommend. However, you might ask if “what do scallops taste like?”, “Do they give health benefits?”, “Will I even like it?

Well, yes. It is a fact that scallops are not exactly the cheapest seafood you can get. Probably that is the main reason why you really have not been able to taste much more, thus, enjoy it! After you taste the scallops, I bet you will come to a realization as to why it costs a high price as a seafood.

This article offers information that might be new to you about scallops, how it tastes, and how to prepare it properly to fully appreciate and enjoy its real flavor.

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5 Basic Cooking Skills You Need to Master: Chef’s Guide (Infographic)

Cooking can be so easy even if you’re still learning. You just need the right and comprehensive guide to give you the correct instructions. Yes, you do not need any expensive cooking course or an expensive cooking coach. You just need to start with the basic cooking techniques and you are good to go!

In this article, you will learn the five basic cooking skills that any amateur chefs should master. Also, take note of the tips that we provide you in each basic cooking skill!

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Here’s What You Need To Know About How Much Is A Pat of Butter

So, you want to how much is a pat of butter? If yes, continue reading this article and learn more about your favorite ingredient.

In any cuisine, there is the fact that butter is known to be one of the most commonly used ingredients. But, aside from the idea that it is used in making almost cooking all types of food, this ingredient plays a great role in any baked dish too. Here, you will learn the answer to the question “how much is a pat of butter” along with useful information about butter.

Butter is known to be a very flexible ingredient. It is being used in enhancing the texture and flavor of certain dishes and could be effortlessly spreadable on toast so you could enjoy a creamy flavor too. It is not just used as well as an ingredient rather could also be used to grease your baking pans. Isn’t that great?

And this ingredient is also available in many forms, such as cream, frozen and melted. Knowing that butter is a staple ingredient to the majority of dishes, it is also a permanent fixture in the pantry. Now, if a recipe asks for a pat of butter, you need how to measure one.

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9 Unbelievable and Easy Substitutes for Gochugaru

If you have explored the Korean cooking, probably you have come across gochugaru as an ingredient for Korean recipes that are authentic. Gochugaru may be available at some specialty market near you, although sometimes, you must need to think outside the box and come up with a substitute if ever there’s no Gochugaru available in the market.

Here’s the good catch, while Gochugaru alternative may sound exotic, it is just a kind of crushed chili pepper. Thus, you have several options in your hands. Each option can be a gochugaru substitute. However, there are weaknesses and strengths to consider upon making the swap.

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Are Kind Bars Paleo? (Amazing Facts About Kind Bars Plus Recipes)

The allowed types of food in a Paleo diet are often restricting and limiting. If you enjoy eating Kind bars (which is a type of snack bar) and are on Paleo diet – you are probably concerned if it’s considered a Paleo food.

This article will focus on the subject of Kind Bars.

What are Kind Bars?

Are Kind Bars Paleo?

Are Kind Bars Whole 30 Compliant?

All those questions will be answered in this post – and other types of health/ protein bars will be taken up as well. By understanding Paleo diet and the ingredients that go into these types of bars, you will know if you are really complying with the rules of Paleo.

As an added bonus, I will also provide you with homemade Kind bars recipes. This way, you can be sure that you are in control of the ingredients that go into your snack bars while saving money as well.

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How to Reheat Risotto – Discover 5 Methods to Reheating Risotto

Risotto is an Italian rice dish that’s very popular in Italy. In fact, Italians commonly cook their rice dishes using this recipe.

Unlike regular cooked rice, risotto is made to be creamy – since it uses A LOT of liquid ingredients in the recipe. A broth is normally used to create this dish – and the broth can be meat broth, fish broth, or vegetable broth.

To make the rice dish moist and creamy, butter and wine can also be used in the recipe. Saffron, which is a colorful type of spice, is also commonly used in risotto recipes to give it an attractive color.

As a rice dish that can be eaten as the main course, appetizer, or together with other dishes, risotto lovers like making this dish in large batches. And so, if risotto is also one of your favorite food, you probably want to make A LOT of this recipe for later consumption.

Well, I have good news for you – you can, indeed, make a large batch of risotto so that you can freeze some of it for another day. Risotto freezes well – and you can reheat it in many different ways while still retaining its quality and texture.

In this post, I will cover 5 different methods on how you can reheat risotto. So, read on.

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The Secret Behind Taro – What Does It Taste Like?

Are you familiar with taro? What does it taste like? There many people in the world who fancy taro beverages and a lot of them like it in a form of bubble teas, which are now very popular in today’s generation, most especially in several countries in Asia.

However, only a few have a clear idea as to what Taro actually looks like, where does it originate, and what does it taste like. So, before we move on to know what does Taro taste like, let’s first tackle some background check about what Taro really is.

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9 Delightful Asiago Cheese Substitutes One Should Really Know

The Asiago is a semi-firm Italian cheese that is made from the milk of a cow. There are two types of Asiago available in the market, which are the aged and fresh. The aged Asiago has a tangy flavor, meanwhile, the fresh Asiago has a little bit of sweet taste.

Asiago is typically used for many dishes that complement for grating cheese such as soups, salad and pasta. I’m sure a lot of you do not have this ingredient in your pantry, that is the main reason why I have made a list of many ingredients that can work as an Asiago cheese substistute.

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