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Best Tomato Slicer 2019: Editor’s Top Picks & Reviews

Tomatoes are among the softest food ingredients that are commonly used in many recipes. Because of this, you should be careful in cutting tomatoes – especially when you need them in a particular shape or design.

Here are some of the possible reasons why you’re looking for the best tomato slicer:

  • Tomatoes are good for one’s health.
  • It makes for a pretty and nutritious food decoration.
  • A tomato slicer is able to produce presentable pieces of sliced tomatoes without much effort.
  • This type of tool will help you make clean cuts of tomatoes instead of smashing them while in the process of slicing.
  • A multifunctional tomato slicer can also help you prepare other types of food.
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Best Potato Slicer and Corer 2019: Editor’s Top Picks & Reviews

A potato is one of the most versatile food ingredients we have today. When you use this root crop in a recipe, you can make it as the main dish or a side dish.

Here are just some of the potato recipes (video) people love and enjoy:

  • French fries
  • Hash brown
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Potato chips

Like I said, it complements other recipes as added ingredients and also works for filling. However, potatoes are usually needed in large amounts, right? And they can be a bit difficult to slice (since they’re quite tough). So, yes – that’s why you need the best potato slicer in your kitchen. This tool will really help you a lot.

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Best Bread Slicer 2019: Top 5 Editor’s Picks & Reviews

This review aims to help readers find the best bread slicer on the market – perfect for kitchen counters and table tops.

Like making bread? Or simply want a freshly baked loaf that you can just slice as per your desire? Sure, bread knife can help cut, but having the best bread slicer is much more valuable and useful. This kitchen tool will make the slicing easier as well as tog up the bread to perfection.

Various brands offer bread slicers made of quality materials. If you want to enjoy a perfect slicing, you must choose one with a smooth cutting surface. To help you out, we've compiled five of the best bread slicers from the leading brands.

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Best Electric Fillet Knife Reviews 2019 (Corded, Cordless & Heavy-Duty)

Filleting fish is not that easy, especially if you are new to doing this task. Fortunately, you can now use an electric fillet knife to make the job easier and faster as well.

Also, it’s not just about speeding up the work – you also want to prepare your food properly for quality and presentation. Since fish meat products are delicate, an efficient tool is really needed.

With the right electric fillet knife, you can easily separate fish meat, skin and bones in just a matter of minutes (or even seconds, in small types of fish). All the work is, of course, made easier and faster since the filleting knife is electric-powered.

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Top 5 Best Orange Peeler Reviews 2019: And Other Citrus Fruit Peelers

Don’t you just hate digging into an orange or a lemon with your bare hands? I specifically hate it when the skin gets under my nails or when my hands get a little bit sticky when I accidentally squeeze an orange while i’m peeling it.

If you wish to peel oranges the fast and easy way, you might as well get yourself a handy orange peeler. Read this simple buying guide for the best orange peeler you can buy online to get the right peeler for your home.

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Best Sushi Knife Reviews 2019: Top 5 Must Have Chef Knives

What makes a sushi knife different from regular knives is that it’s designed to make clean cuts of sushi dishes. Yes, clean in the sense that minimal effort and pressure is exerted and yet – a sushi dish is sliced perfectly.

And so, if you’re regularly making sushi and still using an ordinary knife, it’s time to up your game and use the proper tool for this task. Because really, you’re only disrespecting a sushi when you stray away from the traditional way of preparing it.

In this post, I will give you a guide on how to choose the best sushi knife for your needs. I will also provide you with a Top 5 list of the best sushi knives today. I have looked through A LOT of sushi knives, believe me, so that I could help you narrow down your choices to only five.

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Best Sharpening Steel Reviews 2019: Top 5 Honing Rods for Knife

In search of best sharpening steel to be used in your kitchen? Then, this article will review some of the best options available in the market today.

One of the most important tools that should always be in your kitchen is a sharpening steel. Why? Well, it plays an important role along with a sharpening stone to prevent your knife from being dull. But, take note that these two are indeed different from one another.

To make things simpler, sharpening steel only maintain the edge of a sharp knife while the sharpening stone sharpens dull knives. There are many sharpening tools like sharpening stones , electric sharpeners, pocket knife sharpeners and sharpening steel. So, don't be confused between them once you are shopping for the best sharpening steel. Continue reading for you to be guided.

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Best Meat Cleaver Reviews 2019:Top Picks For The Money & Heavy Duty

Upon reading this article, you will learn the best cleaver to have in your kitchen. With this buying guide and reviews, you’ll definitely come up with the best one.

How about owning the best cleaver? Yes! It’s really a big bonus if you have a cleaver in your kitchen. Why? Having no meat cleaver in the kitchen might lead you to spend countless hours trying to chop through slabs of meat.

Well, if you’re into dealing with cutting or chopping meat or bones in your kitchen, then a cleaver is definitely a must to have tool. Good to know that you have wide options available in the market today. Continue reading to know more.

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Best Poultry Shears Reviews 2019: Top 5 Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors

If you are looking for the best poultry shears for your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you all the needed information in order for you to have the right shears in your home

.Are you having a trouble cutting the chicken? Has it gone messy already? Or is it already painful on your hand? If yes, why not consider a poultry shear instead? Yes, you own kitchen shear but don’t you know that life in the kitchen will be a lot easier if you will have specialized shears such as poultry shears?

Indeed, the best poultry shears are designed to cut through chicken bones thoroughly without giving you any trouble, mess or pain at all. So, continue reading to find out which is the best to choose.

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Best Butcher Knives Reviews 2019: Editor’s Top 5 Picks For Butchers

So, you’re looking for a butcher knife. Guess what, I will present you with 5 of the best butcher knives in this very post.

A butcher knife is an especially designed knife. It’s made for the following purposes:

  • Butchering animals
  • Dressing and cutting animal meat
  • Hacking through bones
  • Boning, slicing, etc.

As you can see, butcher knives should be durable as repeated blows are sometimes required when cutting through bones and tough meat.

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