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Best Shoes for Waitressing – Top 5 Reviews For Servers or Waiters

If you are a waitress, you should always wear the best shoes for waitressing. The reason for this is that you are always standing, walking, and spending long hours in a day serving food. Such a routine puts so much pressure on your legs – especially your feet.

By wearing the appropriate shoes for your job (which is a tough but admirable job, by the way), you will not only be taking care of your legs and feet but your overall health as well.

It’s time to get comfy while working hard – this post will cover your Top 5 choices in ​waiter shoes


Requirements for the Best Shoes for ​Servers or Waiters

Dr. Scholl's Women's Joliet Ballet Flat

Dr. Scholl's Women's Joliet Ballet Flat Via Amazon

Don’t just get any type of shoes if you’re a waitress. You need a special kind of shoes for such a demanding job, you know. Below, you will find some of the most important factors to consider when choosing your shoes.

  • Professional-Looking Appearance – As a waitress, you need to look presentable to your customers. So, your choice of shoes should be stylish – but not so informal that it makes you look tacky.
  • Comfortable – A really comfortable pair of shoes will make you feel relaxed and happy even if you’re working an 8 or 10-shift hour job (and on your feet the whole time).
  • Durable – You should get a pair of shoes that will last for a long time. This way, you won’t have to buy a new pair again and again

How to Choose Shoes For ​​Waitress / Server (Questions to Ask Yourself)

Ask yourself several questions before making the final decision on which pair of shoes to buy. Being meticulous in choosing your shoes for your job will save you a lot of heartache and foot ache as well.

Are the materials durable?

Leather and rubber are very durable materials. Also, getting a pair of shoes from a reputable brand will somehow ensure that you’re getting quality goods

Does the model of shoes provide good arch support?

The Importance of Arch Support Via livestrong

Always carrying heavy trays back and forth can prove to be very stressful for your feet. Without good arch support, your feet can get swollen from the rigors of a waitressing job. Fortunately, there are gel insoles or inserts that you can use in conjunction with the cushioning system of your shoes.

Insoles, Inserts, Liners, Pads. What’s the difference? Via piggypillows

Are the shoe slip-resistant?

Restaurant settings expose you to spills and wet floors all the time. Regular shoes can make you slip – especially if you’re in a hurry to serve your customers. For your own safety and peace of mind, make it a point that you’re wearing non-slip shoes while waitressing.

Does your pair of shoes complement your uniform or outfit?

Remember that you’re in a customer service profession and that giving the good impression to your customers is one of your goals. Having a good sense of fashion as a waitress will also increase your self-confidence.

Is your chosen pair of shoes within your budget?

There’s no need to buy a pair of shoes that you can’t afford. However, I really suggest saving up for it as investing in the best pair that you can afford will be good for your health.

  • Note: You need to answer YES to all the questions listed above – to make sure that you’re making the right decision in choosing a particular pair of waitressing shoes. Should you answer NO to any of the above questions, look again – as you’re probably considering a wrong pair of shoes.

How to be a Good Waitress

As a waitress, you are one of the people in charge of customer service. Your role, therefore, requires you to have a pleasing personality. Listed below are just some things to remember on how to be a good waitress (video).

How to Be a Good Waiter : Tips for Waiting Tables Via expertvillage

  • Always be nice and pleasant to people (customers and co-workers alike)
  • Be attentive to the needs of your customers
  • Say “thank you” and “you’re welcome” a lot
  • Let your customers know that they can always call you when they need something
  • Be in your best outfit all the time (neat and presentable)

The last point includes wearing the proper shoes, of course, as this is also a part of your overall appearance. But don’t worry, as the last section of this post will cover some of your best options when shopping out for a pair of waitressing shoes.

Top 5 Best Shoes for ​Servers or ​Waitress

Hey, I know how hard it is to shop for the best pair of shoes that’s specifically intended for waitresses. That’s why I came up with a TOP 5 list for ​waitress shoes so that you can choose from some of the best products out there. Yes, there are many – and the ones listed below are some of my top picks.

Top 5 – Townforst Cheryl Black Sunbrella Waitress Shoes

If you want to wear stylish shoes while waitressing, consider this pair

Key Features:

  • Materials – This model of shoes from Townforst uses Sunbrella fabric. The top portions of the shoes are water-resistant.
  • Design – The shoes come with the padded collar. As for the style, this is the type of shoes that you can use during work hours and off-work hours.
  • Cushioning System – There are cushioned insoles inside the shoes.
  • Slip-Resistant Sole – The soles won’t slip when exposed to wet and greasy floors.
  • Color/s – This particular model of shoes is available in black color.
Townforst Cheryl Black Sunbrella Waitress Shoes

Townforst Cheryl Black Sunbrella Waitress Shoes Via townforst

Things We Liked

  • It’s light enough to be worn all day
  • The style works well with jeans and leggings
  • The non-slip soles have the good grip on the floor and will allow you to maneuver and work your way through people and tables as you serve food.
  • The insoles offer good support and a comfortable feel while working.
  • Price is affordable

Things We Didn't Like

  • The style doesn’t cover the whole feet – portions of your skin or sock will show when you’re wearing this pair of shoes.

I like this shoes a lot. And if you’re only allowed to wear black shoes in your waitressing job, this model makes for a fine choice. It’s so pretty that you can also wear it during your day off. To get an idea about Townforst products, click here (video).

TownForst Top Slip Oil Resistant Non Slip Work Shoes Via Tony Ning

Top 4 – New Balance Women's WX626 Cross-Training Shoe

While this pair is technically athletic shoes, it can also be used for waitressing. Athletes have demanding routines, you know – just like waitresses

Key Features:

  • Materials – This model of shoes is made from high-quality leather.
  • Rubber Soles – These shoes are non-slippery
  • Design – The collar and tongue are well padded. There are also mesh linings which allow for circulation of air
  • Cushioning System – It comes with EVA foam (video), which is removable
  • Color/s – You can choose from black and white colors
New Balance Women's WX626 Cross-Training Shoe

New Balance Women's WX626 Cross-Training Shoe Via newbalancepro


Things We Liked

  • These shoes are comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • The style looks cool
  • This is a durable pair of shoes – you can expect it to last for a long time
  • This model of shoes comes with good arch support.
  • Price is good and reasonable

Things We Didn't Like

  • As this is not a slip-on pair of shoes, you will need to manually tighten up the laces as you go.

This is a pair of shoes that even waitresses with foot problems will find comfortable to wear. If you have plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis or arthritis, this can be a good option for you

Top 3 – Skechers for Work Women's 76510 Compulsions-Indulgent Work Shoe

If you are after comfort, convenience, and style, try looking at this model of shoes from Skechers. It’s a slip-on type of work shoes that’s suitable for people who are always on the go – like waitresses.

Key Features:

  • Materials – The shoes are made with leather and fabric materials.
  • Rubber Soles – Having rubber outsoles makes this pair of shoe non-slippery even when you’re treading wet and greasy floors.
  • Cushioning System – There are supporting insoles.
  • Design – The breathable mesh panels help avoid moisture buildup inside the shoes.
  • Color/s – You can choose from black or white.
Skechers for Work Women's 76510 Compulsions Indulgent Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Women's 76510 Compulsions Indulgent Work Shoe Via skechers

Things We Liked

  • It comes with good arch support
  • There are laces for decorative purposes (as this is a slip-on type of shoes)
  • The shoes are comfortable to wear
  • The price is reasonable

Things We Didn't Like

  • While this model is very comfortable, it may need some breaking-in time

This is a pretty and durable pair of working shoes. It’s a good pair of waitressing shoes because it makes the job stylish and fun without breaking the bank

Top 2 – SRM600 SR Max Rialto Women's Black Athletic Sneaker

This is a model of athletic sneakers that can also be used by waitresses. It can provide support for the tough job of waitressing – just like in working out.

If you’re looking for a casual style of working shoes, consider this model as one of your options.

Key Features:

  • Materials – The shoes are made of synthetic leather materials
  • Cushioning System – It comes with removable full insole cushion
  • Design – It uses non-slip technology
  • Style – It’s a slim-fitting pair of shoes
  • Color/s – This model is available in black color
SRM600 SR Max Rialto Women's Black Athletic Sneaker

SRM600 SR Max Rialto Women's Black Athletic Sneaker Via srmax

Things We Liked

  • The shoes have good arch support
  • Price is low
  • It’s durable enough to last for many months
  • The fit is snuggly and comfortable
  • The non-slip outer soles will help keep you stable even when walking on greasy and wet floors

Things We Didn't Like

  • This pair of shoes may not last for a year

This model of shoes made it to the Top 2 slot because it’s durable and cheap as well. While it may not last for a year, it’s cheap enough to be bought again when it gets worn out

Top 1 – Klogs USA Women's Springfield Closed Back Clog

If you’re comfortable wearing a clog-style type of shoes, this model makes for a perfect choice. It landed on the Top 1 spot because its price (which is reasonable) matches its quality.

Key Features:

  • Materials – This model of shoes is made from synthetic rubber materials.
  • Cushioning System – The antimicrobial footbed is removable. You can replace it with orthotics if you want.
  • Style – This is a slip-on type of working shoes that covers your entire feet.
  • Outsoles – The outsoles are made from synthetic, shock absorbing materials that are also slip-resistant.
  • Color/s – You can choose from different colors and shades such as black, white, brown, blue, purple, green, pink and much more.
Klogs USA Women's Springfield Closed Back Clog

Klogs USA Women's Springfield Closed Back Clog Via klogsfootwear

Things We Liked

  • This pair of shoes is lightweight and stable – you will not slip or skid on wet and greasy floors.
  • The shoes provide the feet with the good support system.
  • They’re easy to clean – just wipe dirt and grime from the surfaces with damp cloth.
  • Price is affordable
  • There are many colors to choose from

Things We Didn't Like

  • Because of the very demanding job of waitressing, the bottom part of this shoes may wear out ahead of the shoes itself.

If I were a waitress, I would probably get this model of shoes from Klogs. I like it a lot, as compared to the other models presented in this Top 5 list – that’s why I gave it the #1 position.

Review of Klogs Boca style shoes Via Mama Bear

Which are the Best Shoes for Waitressing and Why?

Although my first choice would be the model in the Top 1 position, your preferred model can be any of the other 4 models of waitressing shoes presented here. You certainly have your own needs and style to fulfill – and only you can really choose the best shoes for you.

Still, I want to reiterate my recommendation – which is the Klogs model. Its durability and style simply impressed me, and I like that it gives you a lot of options in colors (if colored shoes are allowed in your job, that is).

Budget-wise, I am also recommending the SRM model. It’s really very affordable if you’re on a budget. And although you might have to buy 2 pairs of shoes in a year, the comfort they provide and the price make it all worth it.

Do look at all your options one more time and don’t settle for anything less than what your heart desires. You have a tough job and your feet deserve a lot of love – remember that. Buying the right kind of shoes (video) will make all the difference in your daily life.

What Kind of Shoes Do Waitresses Wear? : Fashion Made Easy Via ehowbeauty

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below. And if you have friends who are also looking for the best shoes for waitressing, pass this article on to them to help them out, too.

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