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Best Pizza Cutter 2020: Top Pizza Slicer, Wheel and Cutter Reviews

Pizza has been an all-time favorite dish and wherever you go in this world, you will get access to this delicious food.

You can even make your very own pizza at home as long as you got ingredients and of course a very nice pizza cutter so in this article we are going to give you the 2020 Reviews for the Best Pizza Cutter.


Best Pizza Cutter 2020: Top Pizza Slicer, Wheel and Cutter Reviews

THE ORIGIN OF PIZZA Via todayifoundout

Before we get into the pizza cutters, we must first tackle about pizza itself since there wouldn't be pizza cutter if there are no pizzas.

We all know pizza originated from Italy. Th very first pizza was created by Raffaele Esposito who's from Naples.

According to legend, Esposito was summoned by King Umberto and Queen Margherita in 1889 to make something that has tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese and it turned out to be a pizza. Today, it is called a Pizza Margarita.

Pizza spread out the entire world via Italian immigrants. But it didn't become popular until after the Second World War. But today it is the one of the most popular food not just in Italy, but in the whole world.


Pizza Cutter Via cutcoclosinggifts

Coming from the name “pizza cutter” it literally is an equipment to cut pizza. You can get it at any grocery supplies store or the kitchenware section of any department store.


A Brief History Of The Pizza Cutter Via professionalmoron

The only known person who invented the pizza cutter is Silvio Pacitti in 1708 and it is called a MezzaLuna But it wasn't really meant for cutting pizza, it is actually meant to cut herbs at that time.

But during the modern times, it is used by restaurants now when it comes to cutting deep dish


There are only two types of pizza cutters, the mezzaluna, and the rolling pizza cutters


Double Mezzaluna Via williams-sonoma

This is the very first type of pizza cutter and it has half-moon shaped blades at the bottom while you grip the top. It works by slicing the pizza back and forth.

You can start on one side and press the cutter firmly and rock it so the other side would be cut as well.

This pizza cutter is not that well-known anymore compared to the rolling pizza cutters​


Soft-Grip Rolling Pizza Cutter Via pizzacraft

This is the most common pizza cutter that can be found in any household. It is easier and more practical to use compared to the first one.

This type of pizza cutter has a roller blade that is attached to a handle. The handles are normally made of steel or coal.

It comes in all shapes and sizes which are very convenient​


OXO Good Grips 4-inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter

When talking about pizza cutters, this is basically the holy grail.

With its 4-inch pizza wheel, it can slide through pizza toppings like pepperoni, mushroom and bell peppers.

Good Grip is also one of the greatest brands out there when it comes to kitchen appliances and utensils.

It has stainless steel blade that could cut through thick or thin crush pizzas.​

OXO Good Grips 4-inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter Via Amazon

OXO Good Grips 4-inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter Via Amazon

Things We Liked

  • This pizza cutter works so well with any type of pie dough and you shouldn't have any fear of cutting yourself because it is very safe to use
  • The handles have a non-slip and built-in thumb guard that would help your fingers to stay in place
  • The blade has a beveled structure that makes it so sharp and sturdy
  • It also doesn't rust as quick as the others

Things We Didn't Like

  • It doesn’t come with a protective cover when not in use

RSVP Endurance World Class Pizza Cutter

This pizza cutter is based on the original type which is the mezzaluna.

It has long Knife blades with a slightly arched shape that requires the user to cut in the rocking motion.

It has really simple design and structure that is made of stainless steel.

It also doesn't rust quickly and very sturdy which makes it long-lasting.

RSVP Endurance World Class Pizza Cutter Via Amazon

RSVP Endurance World Class Pizza Cutter Via Amazon

Things We Liked

  • Aside from cutting pizzas, you can also make use of this product as a vegetable cutter because it can cut potatoes, onions and many others. This also works well with fruits.
  • One of the best things about this product is that the mozzarella cheese from the pizza does not stick into the blades
  • It is very affordable for a pizza cutter

Things We Didn't Like

  • It is kind of similar using a knife so it is not really ideal for household use if you don't make pizza often.
  • It can easier get dull so you have to sharpen it once in a while with a knife sharpener

KitchenAid Pizza Wheel

Probably the cheapest but amazing pizza cutter on the market today. With the well-known brand, this sure didn't disappoint.

It also has a built-in finger and thumb mark that provides safety.

It also has an ergonomic handle which makes it easier to use because of its comfortable grip​

Things We Liked

  • The wheel features sturdy blades that can cut through thick and thin pizzas without the toppings getting stuck into the blades.
  • The pizza wheel also comes in different colors and is individually packaged
  • It can also be used on waffles and frittatas

Things We Didn't Like

  • It doesn't have a soft grip handle
  • The screws tend to get rusty just after a couple of uses

KitchenAid Architect Series Pizza Wheel Cutter Review Via ureviews

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Who would have thought that a pizza cutter and a movie franchise will come together?

What is so good about this pizza cutter is that it actually has laser cut stainless steel which is very easy to clean and also very sharp.

It is a bit pricey probably because it can be considered as a Star Trek collectible​

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter Via Amazon

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter Via Amazon

Things We Liked

  • The handles of this pizza cutter are made from zinc- chromium alloy for the perfect hand grip
  • It can cut through the softest and the hardest pizza there is

Things We Didn't Like

  • Since it is very sharp, it should come with a cover or a box but it doesn't have one
  • It is too expensive for a pizza cutter but if you are buying it as a collectible item then it's alright

Star Trek - Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter Via VideoFromSpace

Zyliss Pizza Cutter Wheel

Last but definitely not the least is the Zyliss Pizza cutter, it is probably the most portable and compact pizza cutter on the market today.

It may have a plastic handle with ergonomic design, it can be durable too with proper usage. It is very affordable as well.

ZYLISS Pizza Cutter Wheel and Slicer Via Amazon

ZYLISS Pizza Cutter Wheel and Slicer Via Amazon

Things We Liked

  • Very compact and easy to use compared to the others, you can also bring this on picnics
  • Since you are basically holding close to the wheel itself, it gives you maximum control of where you want it to go
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It can be used by both right and left-handed people

Things We Didn't Like

  • It wasn't as durable as it would seem because of the plastic handle
  • It also doesn't have a cover so it is not really safe to put it in the kitchen drawers
  • It doesn't come with any other colors, only red

Did you know you can actually make a pizza cutter out of wood? Check out this video:

How to Make a Pizza Cutter Via Woodworking Barcelona


OXO Good Grips 4-inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter Via Amazon

OXO Good Grips 4-inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter Via Amazon

Out of every pizza cutter, we have reviewed for this article, it is clear that the #1 OXO Good Grips 4-inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter is the winner. It has its own pros and very little cons which are basically minor that is why this is the top pic for 2020 Best Pizza Cutter

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