Best Frozen Hamburger Patties for Grilling: A Comprehensive Review

Frozen Hamburger Patties for Grilling

In this article, we will discuss the idea of choosing the best frozen hamburger patties for grilling along with comprehensive reviews of the top options in the market.

There's nothing easier than having a carrier of frozen burgers ready to pop on the grill and cook in just minutes. Homemade patties with fresh ingredients and a new set of lean beef are much healthier. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time needed to prepare homemade patties. Thus, best frozen hamburger patties for grilling are the best alternatives.


Frozen Hamburger Patties for Grilling

Top 5 Best Frozen Hamburger Patties for Grilling 2019

Frozen vs. Homemade: Which Hamburger Patties for Grilling Are the Best?

There is nothing much difference when it comes to choosing frozen burger patties over the homemade one. In fact, you can reap sufficient numbers of benefits.

Let us take a look at the reasons why it is better to choose the best frozen hamburger patties for grilling than making one at home:

First, it saves both your effort and time.

Rather than forming uneven patties with your hand, or having a hard time using the burger press or even mashing raw meat with your hands, why not just open a box and put the patties on the pan or grill?

You only need few minutes to cook every side of the patties.

With such, you will not have to mess the countertop with residues of the ground meat and some other wastes you have to clean up later. With frozen ones, the only waste you need to handle is the breadcrumbs right after enjoying the burger.

Second, it also reduces food waste.

How sure are you that there will be no mistakes out of making a homemade patty? There could be cases wherein these errors might cost the whole batch and so couldn’t be remedied therefore you only need to throw it out.

Let’s say you make perfect batches, but there could really be some excess of ground beef, the flours and some of the used ingredients. With frozen patties, you can indeed minimize food waste.

Third, it will let you avoid unnecessary contact with harmful bacteria.

If you handle raw meat with your hands, you also risk direct contact with some kinds of bacteria. And these bacteria could be rid of by washing. They might stay as well as multiply in the kitchen counters along with the risk of contact with pets and children.

Fourth, the frozen hamburger patties are already flavored.

And of course, the only thing that you need to put in the sauces and the dressing because the meat is already flavored. Some patties might retain the smoky smell and taste.

It is already a challenge to deal with the ingredients if you prefer making homemade patties. Besides, you also need to know if the burger is already tasty. But it might be hard to know since you couldn’t taste it until it is already cooked.

Hamburgers on the grill

Hamburgers on the grill

Looking for Burger Patties? Here Are the Factors to Consider

After establishing the good reasons out of preferring frozen patties over homemade patties, it is time to be equipped with the factors you need to look for as you choose the best product.

There are things that we need to be conscious about as we choose the right frozen hamburger patties for grilling. Some of the questions you need to ponder are as follow:

How were The Cows Bred?

Would you like to eat beef from CAFO-bred cows? CAFO would mean Confined Animal Feeding Operations. And animals that are raised here are often exposed to very inhumane conditions. There could be an assurance that the cows are sickly and weak however they are injected with hormones and antibiotics so they could be harvested a lot faster and retain the appearance of healthy meat.

And these chemicals are passed to us as we eat beef from the said cows and so devastating effects might be experienced. So you need to choose patties from the free roaming cows which are organically bred without the use any antibiotics or hormones.

These cows are also humanely treated, and they are the closest to the natural habitat.

Best Frozen Hamburger Patties for Grilling

Best Frozen Hamburger Patties for Grilling

How were the Cows Fed?

Here, you need to consider whether the cows were fed with antibiotics and hormones or food containing GMOs or the Genetically Modified Organisms. It could be harmful to human bodies and might contribute to the development of some kinds of cancer.

As advised, it is safe that you buy burger patties from those brands with certified organic label. Why so? This means that the cows were fed with 100% organic cow food without any exposure to hormones and antibiotics. In fact, supplements and vitamins are as well given to the cows.

Take note that patties from certain brands with grass-fed labels would mean that the cows were fed with grass or a forage-based diet. Though there could be some exposure to antibiotics or hormones for stabilizing their health, still, they are living close to their natural habitat.

They were only given enhancers a few months before they will be harvested. So, they are still safe to eat.

How were The Hamburger Prepared?

Indeed, freezing offers significant effect on the hamburgers. These patties were flash-frozen after being harvested and processed. This means that there was no chance of decreased freshness because the meat is frozen right away.

The flavor will be locked in through the process. There is also a need to be aware whether the patties are prepared with the use of pure beef or once there is an excessive amount of preservatives, extenders or artificial flavors.

These synthetic chemicals are harmful to our bodies, so you have to make sure that the patties are made of pure beef.

Best Frozen Hamburger Patties for Grilling

Best Frozen Hamburger Patties for Grilling

When Was It Made?

So, you are now shopping for burger patties in the nearest supermarket? Make sure you check the manufacturing date the same with how you choose veggies and bread. You have to choose from a freshly made batch.

You should ponder these questions first before you grab a frozen patty.

Best Frozen Hamburger Patties for Grilling Reviews 2019

Omaha Steaks Burgers – Best Product for Any Occasion

Omaha Steaks 12 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers via Amazon

Omaha Steaks 12 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers via Amazon

The beef of Omaha Steaks is robust and very juicy, plus the burger meat is beefy with remarks of minerals, iron, and funk. This patty will definitely leave your palate craving for more.

The box contains four patties of varying flavored burgers with a spice rub container. Each product comes in a well-frozen Styrofoam insulated container. Omaha Steaks offers delicious hamburger patties for a significant budget to ensure everyone will be able to taste its excellent flavor.

However, in some cases, the quality of hamburger patties may be less than expected.

Things We Liked

  • Solid and extremely juicy beef
  • Ordering and reordering is made easier
  • Has an extensive array of products available
  • Perfect to share with your family and friends for any occasion
  • Quality may be less than what you expect

Things We Didn't Like

  • Quality may be less than what you expect

Ball Park Patties – Best Product for Tenderness and Great Taste



Unlike other frozen burger patties, the Ball Park Patties Beef Flame is very rich in flavor and do not get dried off. Therefore, perfect for those who are in squeeze and looking for a fast way to enjoy a delectable taste of burger for dinner or lunch.

This product is made from one-hundred percent beef and available in 3 flavors: beef, beef & onion and beef & cheese. It boasts a grilled, natural flavor and is not fatty when cooked in the broiler or on the stove. It doesn't reduce in size as well. This product is precisely perfect for on-the-go burgers on hectic days.

Though, you will find it more costly to buy online than in a local store.

Things We Liked

  • Made from 100% beef
  • Comes in three flavors
  • Tender and great in taste
  • Not greasy when cooking
  • Does not shrink in size
  • Quick to prepare

Things We Didn't Like

  • Can be more costly when buying online than locally

Jemm Deluxe Beef Patties – Best Product for Exceptional Flavor

Jemm Deluxe Beef Patties via Amazon

Jemm Deluxe Beef Patties via Amazon

Beef Patties only make use of the best ingredients on the market, plus its thorough standards of quality control are the highest.

If you crave for an easy to prepare the burger, you should take a bite of this product and get that exceptional flavor your taste buds ever desire. It has the combined delectable, juicy taste of a special homemade burger with the conveniences and swiftness of grilling directly from the freezer.

Though, this product has no nutritional information, so you have no idea on the amount of fat, calories, etc. contained within.

Things We Liked

  • Beef patty
  • 1/4 lb. each; 16 for every box
  • The box does not take up much room inside the freezer
  • Fantastic flavor and the patties cook fast
  • Delivers frozen

Things We Didn't Like

  • May not contain nutritional information

Glenmark Angus 1/3 LB. Burger – Best Product for High-Quality Meat at Reasonable Prices

Glenmark Angus 1/3 LB. Burger via Amazon

Glenmark Angus 1/3 LB. Burger via Amazon

Glenmark Angus is on top of our list of best frozen hamburger patties as it doesn't only come in pretty good size and give excellent flavor, but can also be purchased at a good price. Not to mention it is made from 100% Angus beef!

Each Glenmark burger is committed to offering top quality, tasty meat at a price anyone can afford. They meet with the policies, mainly giving strict attention to the reduction of waste and saving of energy. The meat is USDA approved and is IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) to ensure freshness.

If you're into pocket burgers and sliders, then the Glenmark Angus Burger may not suit you since they are big boy burgers.

Things We Liked

  • 100% Angus beef
  • Flash frozen beef to ensure flavor and freshness
  • Since the patty is 1/3 pound, your craving will surely fulfill
  • Delivers frozen

Things We Didn't Like

  • May not ideal for those who are into pocket burgers and sliders

40 Grass-Fed and Organic Beef Patties – Best Product for Being Grass-Fed, Organic Beef

40 (4oz) Organic, Grass-Fed Beef Patties via Amazon

40 (4oz) Organic, Grass-Fed Beef Patties via Amazon

If you are looking for hamburger patties that are made from grass-fed, organic beef, then this product is very much ideal. This option ensures you're safe from any hormones or antibiotic.

The beef is sourced in South Dakota and not imported from another countryside. Therefore, rest assured that you're only getting newly harvested beef in each bite. The Organic, Grass-Fed Beef Patties is definitely perfect for a summer barbeque and just the right size for a hamburger.

The only downfall is that you have to buy the patties in volume.

Things We Liked

  • Patties are organic, grass-fed beef
  • The cows are raised in American organic farms
  • Certified organic and USDA approved
  • Ship frozen anywhere in the US

Things We Didn't Like

  • Patties must be purchased in volume

Final Verdict

Perhaps while reading this review, you can't help yourself but crave for hamburgers. Well, who wouldn't? All of the best frozen hamburger patties mentioned above are delicious. But, I love the Glenmark Angus Burger more. What sets it apart is that it is made from 100% Angus beef, USDA approved and flash-frozen to guarantee its freshness and flavorful taste will remain. Such a high-quality beef at an affordable price!

With these products, why not try making a yummy burger recipe at home and enjoy with friends and family! Just choose the right one matching the needs of having frozen hamburger patties. Here’s a recipe to consider.

Allow your busy friends to enjoy the savory taste of these frozen burger patties. Don't forget to like this article and leave a comment!

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