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Chilly bin, cooler, portable ice chest, ice box, cool box or even esky, no matter what it is called in every country, we are all talking about that one box that keeps our food/drinks/ice whenever we are going outdoors. But which is the best cooler for the money? Keep reading to find out.


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Cooler Via

Normally, it has ice cubes or even ice packs are placed inside of it so that whatever you put in it will stay cool. It is most commonly known as a box that keeps foods/drinks cool. It is often used during the summer especially when going out and camping. You don’t even have to put ice on it sometimes if you don’t need for it to be that cold in a long while.


Invention of cooler Via

A man from Joliet, Illinois named Richard C. Laramy was the one who invented the ice chest/icebox in the 24th of February in 1951. The one who popularized the cooler was the Coleman Company who actually developed a process to make a plastic liner for cooler and some jugs.


Choosing Cooler Via

These things are usually made up of plastic with hard foam in between. It comes with different sizes to choose from. If you have a big family then they have a big one that can still fit in a family vehicle with wheels on it since it might be too heavy to carry.

But if you want to have a disposable one, they have a cooler made of polystyrene foam like the disposable cups about 2cm or 1 inch thick. A thermal bag or a cooler bag is a little similar but it is smaller.

  • DID YOU KNOW? In the United Kingdom, they call this “cool-box” while in the United States it is commonly referred to as “cooler.” In New Zealand, the common name is “chilly bin” whereas, in Australia, it is generally called “esky” as a generic trademark.


1637- It was the governor of Virginia, Sir William Berkley, who had the idea of collecting the snow and keeping it in pits and caves to prevent it from melting quickly. In the next 14 years, he had a monopoly on selling snow/ice in England.

1700- Based on Berkley’s idea, the Chestnut Street Hotel came up with an idea to build an underground “Ice House” and serve the special “punch” with a block of ice with it to keep it cold.


1800- A man named Fredric Tudor realized that ice is more than just an unfortunate side effect of winter.

1805- In Boston, Massachusetts, there were two wealthy brothers at a family picnic, enjoying a “cold beverage” and an ice cream. They thought of how chilled refreshments could make the entire world jealous.

1835- 30 years later, one of the brothers Fredric Tudor would ship about 12,000 tons of ice all over the globe and became known for his nickname “Ice King”


First Ice Boxes Via pinterest

The very first ice boxes were made from wood and lined with seaweed.



Retro Style Steel Cooler-Traditional Cooler Via houzz

These classically designed coolers usually consist of foam insulation with some pieces of glued onto the exterior. Its handles and hinges are screwed to the main body.

And its lids are tight fit and friction to have an internal latch that clicks closed. This type of coolers costs less than US$100


HIGH-END COOLER Via fourwheeler

This type of cooler is the newer version of the traditional one.

It features thicker walls with foam and lids with rubber gaskets that maintain a tight seal via large external latches. It also is way more pricey than the traditional ones that range from US$200-500


Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler, 45 quart Via Amazon

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler, 45 quart Via Amazon

This is probably one of the “high-end coolers” in the market today. But despite that, it is not even as expensive as the others that are why this is the TOP PICK. It has this rugged but fancy look that is meant to last for a long time. It looks so sturdy and durable. It is also easy to carry around with its ruggedized handles

Things We Liked

  • It can make your ice last up to 7 DAYS without melting. Which may seem unbelievable but this is for the places which are under 30 degrees celsius
  • It has stainless steel hardware with a tie down built-in locking area where you can keep the heat from coming in
  • It comes with a very good price range. Not too expensive and not too cheap

Things We Didn't Like

  • It leaks down but it just a minor thing which happens to every cooler

Pelican Elite 45Q Pro Gear Rolling Cooler Unboxing / Review Via Robert Moseley

Yeti Tundra Cooler Via Amazon

Yeti Tundra Cooler Via Amazon

This is considered to be the “portable refrigerator when used PROPERLY” which kind of means if you do not use it properly it wouldn’t really work as it supposed to be. This can also take several days before the ice melts but for some people, it only took 3-5 days, which is considered to be the “improper use” since it’s supposed to last for a week

Things We Liked

  • If used properly, it can take up to a week and a few days max which is perfect for people who likes trekking and camping
  • It features a ColdLock Gasket which reduces and minimizes the unwanted air that might get in

Things We Didn't Like

  • It is a little too OVERPRICED for a cooler that has almost the same features as the others. It may be great but it is not worth it
  • You have to freeze everything you put in it since it wouldn’t freeze itself by just being in the cooler
  • It doesn’t drain well for a high-end cooler
  • The handles are NOT comfortable when it is being carried

YETI Tundra Cooler Overview Via RIZKNOWS

Grizzly Coolers Cooler Via Amazon

Grizzly Coolers Cooler Via Amazon

This made in the USA coolers are surely heavy-duty, durable and meant to last a lifetime. It has an actual quart capacity of 36 quarts. The ice lasts longer if it is full but if it is not it lasts for about 3-4 days max. It has 30 years of experience when it comes to coolers and durable services. It is tough as a grizzly bear and efficient when it comes to outdoor usage

Things We Liked

  • It comes with a great design with amazing rope handles, solid latches and hinges
  • It is PERFECT for fishing, hunting, camping or any other outdoor activity that it is needed. You can definitely count it

Things We Didn't Like

  • The ice retention doesn’t work as good as the previous ones
  • It hit 32 degrees within 2 days

Grizzly 40 Cooler Review, Grizzly vs Yeti Coolers & Results of Five Day Ice Challenge Via Coolers On Sale

Igloo Products 00044921 Sportsman Cooler, White, 55 quart Via Amazon

Igloo Products 00044921 Sportsman Cooler, White, 55 quart Via Amazon

Well, this is another product that is made in the USA. Their brand has been around since 1947 and their products have been used by families all over the Unites States, it is obviously one of the most commonly known brands besides Coleman. When talking about the leader of portable coolers, this guy is the man of the hour. It may not be as expensive or as high-end as the Yeti, it still works above average

Things We Liked

  • Its actual quarts capacity is 67 quarts and only 3 quarts less than the advertised capacity
  • For maximum security, it has a lockable lid and uses a standard size lock with an integrated fish ruler
  • It also has anti-skid feet on its base that would keep the cooler from sliding and when it is on a truck or boat

Things We Didn't Like

  • It is a little too bulky and big to be carried around
  • Its rigid molded handles make it difficult for a person to carry it when used for camping or any outdoor activity

Igloo Sportsman Coolers Via BowHunterPlanet

Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler Via Amazon

Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler Via Amazon

Now, this is definitely “an oldie but a goodie”. It is considered to be the grandfather of all coolers and other camping supplies. Coleman started it all. Everyone knows this brand and it may not be a high-end brand but that just means it is for everyone to have. This cooler only comes with one size in 25.5 inches by 17.6 inches and has the capacity of 85 cans

Things We Liked

  • If you are looking for a nice cooler where you can put a lot of your stuff that needs to stay cold. This is definitely a must have for you
  • It is extremely easy to carry with its side handles and rubber grips
  • If you want things to stay really cool for a long time. Sandwich them between ice blocks or cubes

Things We Didn't Like

  • It is not completely stainless steel. It is only steel belted which means it’s a plastic cooler covered in steel
  • It has a minor problem with a latching mechanism


If you prefer a more traditional and cheaper you may get the Coleman Steel Cooler. But if you want the best among all of the high-end coolers without wasting too much money, go for the Pelican Products ProGear. Bear in mind that coolers only would work its best if it is used properly and will be handled with care.

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