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Best Can Opener

Can openers is one of the most helpful kitchen tools we have been using. It is very convenient and safe compared to opening a can with the use of a knife. But how do we know which is the best can opener we can buy in the market today?

Which brand has the most durable can opener? Which works better manual or electric? Just keep reading to learn more about can openers and find out which suits you the best.


  • DID YOU KNOW? The very First US can opener was invented on January of 1858 by Ezra J. Warner. It took him decades to design such tool

According to Mary Bellis an inventor expert: “The first tin cans were so thick they had to be hammered open as cans became thinner, it became possible to invent dedicated can openers. The U.S. military used it during the Civil War and during 1866, J. Osterhoudt patented the tin can with a key opener that you can find on sardine cans.”


Best Can Opener


Having a can opener is extremely convenient if you use a lot of canned goods when cooking. It is very dangerous to open a can without a can opener since it can cut your hand because of the very sharp edges of the cover. But which is better?

Here are some differences between a Manual and an Electric can opener:



Cheaper since it doesn’t need any battery

Electric can openers have the ability to open cans quickly

Portable and can be carried around when camping

Definitely easy to use compared to manual can openers. Less effort needed

Much more durable and sturdier when opening cans and won’t run into electrical issues

Its proper maintenance will ensure lifetime use of this product, although it will rust in time

Less care needed since there are no motors or mechanical parts that need to be taken care of

The electric can opener can be washed with warm water and must be wiped and dried well

Both electric and manual can openers are prone to rust

The best kind of can opener is made of stainless steel since it is easier to clean and lasts long

The best can openers will have a couple of things in common. You just have to look over which can opener specs are best for you to have in your kitchen. Here are some reviews of the top can openers in the market today.

  • DID YOU KNOW? Based on the 2012 edition of Today I Found Out “Early can openers were originally quite dangerous to use, and this problem was fixed by an improved cutting technique and design. Before the easy open top was invented, canned soda and beer were opened with a triangle tool that would puncture the top of the can. ”

Top Best Can Opener 2020 Picks And reviews

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chrome Via Amazon

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chrome Via Amazon

If you are looking for the best electric can opener in town, this is for you. This comes with an easy push down lever which makes it easy for you to use it without having to exert too much effort.

It features sleek chrome and black design which makes it very fancy and will look good in your kitchen.


  • Volts: 120V
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 76606ZA
  • Color: Black Chrome
  • Container Type: Box
  • Model: 76606
  • Brand: Hamilton
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.00x5.00x4.00 inches

Things We Liked

  • It is manufactured by one of the most trusted kitchen appliance brands in the US.
  • One of the greatest things about this product is that it does not touch the food when opening the can, which is a feature that cannot be found in most can openers.
  • This model is so far BEST in the market
  • It has a large lever which helps when operating it
  • It is quiet to use, unlike the other electric can openers

Things We Didn't Like

No machine is perfect and this product is not exempted from any flaws:

  • It doesn’t smoothly cut the can cover so it can be rather dangerous, which is what most can openers does (It is kind of inevitable)

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener (Demo & Review) Via The Gadget Guru

OXO Steel Can Opener Via Amazon

OXO Steel Can Opener Via Amazon

There are so many perks of having a manual can opener and owning this OXO kitchen tool is definitely one of them. It is both durable and essential that includes a knob for an easy turn.


  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1049953
  • Material: Stainless Steel Blade
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Model: 1049953
  • Brand: OXO
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 7”x2”x3 inches
  • Package Weight: 0.6lbs

Things We Liked

  • It doesn’t leave any sharp edges when opening a can which is good for a manual can opener
  • This OXO product is made in the USA and the OXO brand is known for having
  • This can opener as a built-in bottle cap opener included in it
  • With a non-slip grip feature, that is best for someone who cooks
  • It is sturdy with a comfortable grip
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Things We Didn't Like

  • Hand-wash only
  • After a couple of uses, the drive wheel will just keep on moving without actually moving the blade along the edge of the can
  • The handles tend to bend if too much force has been used
  • It keeps on getting stuck when it has been used too often
  • DID YOU KNOW? In the United Kingdom, instead of can openers, they call it “tin openers”

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener Review Via ureviews

PowerLix Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener Via Amazon

PowerLix Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener Via Amazon

This stainless steel can opener features the high-quality food safe material. It does not stain nor rust that quickly with the extra sharp cutting wheel that slides smoothly on the side of the can.

It is very simple to operate and also very compact that would be easy for you to keep in any drawers or cupboards in your kitchen.


  • Manufacturer: Powelix
  • Material: Stainless Steel Blade
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Model: B01AIJZY4O
  • Brand: Powelix
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.9x2.5x1.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.2 ounces

Things We Liked

  • What is so good about this product is that when you use it on a regular can, it doesn’t leave any sharp edges, which is very common on other manual can openers
  • This can opener is easy to turn and of course easy to hold
  • The long and ergonomic hostile to slip handle offers an agreeable hold for your safety while being amazingly solid and thick so it won't twist or break while utilizing. This hand held opener is light and can be conveyed

Things We Didn't Like

  • It is bulky compared to the other can openers
  • The lettering at the tops rubs when you use it too often
  • The cutting disc came loose rather quickly after just a few uses
  • Powerlux does not have a website or any contact info that can help you out if you have any concerns regarding a product which results in a very poor customer service
  • The wheel may be sharp but the wheel for grabbing the can is dull after just a few uses resulting to not being able to use it


Choosing the right can opener can be a little complicated but then can openers are simply man-made products. With improper usage, it might not last that long so make sure you don’t use it with other things besides opening a can.

Research also is a good way of choosing a good can opener for you since you can check out other people’s reviews on the item that you are looking out for.

But in this review, the best can opener is the Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black, and Chrome. Its flaws are basically just any flaws of a regular can opener which is inevitable and is not that major, but that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the product.

Whether you choose electric or manual, choose what is convenient, safe and practical for you.

Feel free to leave comments regarding the products above or if you have any questions we will be happy to answer them.

Happy Shopping!

If you are interested in choosing the best manual can openner, click here.

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